Cold Heaven and Hot Earth

I think like the letter A in arabic, which looks like this:ا . You can have an upper and lower diacritic, like this: اَ or اِ . The first is called fattha (فتحة) and the second is called broken (كسرة). Which philosophically speaking means existensialism and is an Opening or Prospecting in backgammon, like a stallion. And essensialism which is Broken, like also a broken horse.

This is repeated in Martial Arts where my wrestling sparring partner playfully he and I demonstrated what we would respond with for a choke-hold. He would respond with, “wrestily” striking from above down onto the opponents arm, and taking control. I showed him how i would strike down up releasing the arms and pushing/punching away.

So over is externally cold and Extroverted. And down is externally hot, until he becomes a madman or retreats after extraverting his J closure to Prospecting in the external world.

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