Grounding kindness

I’ve met a girl whom is Yarsan -another version of Islam and they are in her words anti muslim.

She says she has been decieved before many times, and her wisdom is limited to handle this. To me she seems afraid yet in need of basic things, but is met with ‘superiority’ by life. And this leads her to all dark things.

My friends say she is a Fraud, but i think she is captured by darkness, or captive by darkness.

I want to help her given she is real, it is beyond my honor to not help someone who needs it if i can help – because i’m afraid. By Grounding yourself or rooting yourself you can reach connections with the world like police or psychiatry, and help people in darkness. It is a useful term, Grounding or Rooting.

It is darkness – it is hell to ignore or not give grounded chances. By grounding yourself you ensure to fight for the light, yet guarding yourself. Because you’re grounded.

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