Letter to The Witches’s Guards

In a Triangel:
Iman = Belief With Heart = Samurai
Islam = Action With Body = Monk
Ihsan = Combination

Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq: “A Believer (with Capital B) is in fear of two things; What Allah will do with a sin he comitted in age that has passed, and fear of Destruction and Decimation in the coming age, he don’t wake up unless he is afraid, and nothing fixes him but fear”.

Be God-Fearing Men! Because now you have murder attempted me with proof, and without proof but my word. And you’ve tortured me with “love” until there was no REAL love to live for. Before I saw Allah in everything, beauty and love, but now I see some of you as the real ugly witches you are – as in movies.

If I would theoretically – If you follow along – also become a witch, I’ll then feast upon others Pain like you’ve feasted on me, a “good meal”, like they say in Shawshank Redemption to the new inmates of Prison: “Fresh Meat!” If I would theoretically answer you with The Same Coin, The World Will be on Fire. AND YOU WANTED THIS!! But I’ll in Allahs Name not seek The Path of Non-Doing (and feast on your Pain), because that will set The World on Fire. That will force you into: “Freeze”. Not Fight and not Flight. I’ve heard Corona is just starting. But I pray to Allah to cleanse us from Corona aswel as Sin.

I pray to Allah: “Dear God, do with us as is you worthy and not as we are worthy. Treat us with your kindness and Mercy, and not with your Justice”.

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