Loneliness and Lightning – Thor. Screaming for Water in an Ocean of Water

In Gods Name The Beneficient The Merciful
I was just reading in todays Magazine in Dagbladet about that, approximately 16 people everyday try to kill themselves in Norway, try – to do Hara-Kiri in the ocean of Rain which Norway and USA can give to Iraq and Deserted/Dry Lands, because like my Zen Teacher Genkaku critisized me, which was a HARD lesson: “Youre screaming for water in an Ocean (OCEAN is also the most prominent Psychological Method today)! Stop screaming – he meant.” And Sufi Steven said it litterally. Warriors of Light have no excuzes. These two Monks were good people, these two Teachers.
I said Deserted Lands. And OCEAN (Rain/Water cycle) Lands … Hopefully I have not Deserted my Nation and Humanity and that I’m doing as Allah and The Prophet Muhammed wants me to do, that I give Water from what Allah has given me to The People for Free as Islam is Free. And giving back a Hot Sun (a Defensive Weapon) from Iraq to Norway (and USA) creating a Peaceful Sunny atmosphere as Islam means submission – and also peace. I’m also a Submitter, hopefully if Allah accepts a Believer which my actions and words reflect. As I’m Psychologically yielding INFP in tests online and according to what I understand of this stuff. An INFP is called in www.16personalities.com “Mediator” and other Places “Healer”. Cool 8): “Chosen is a Medical Ninja!”
I’m Statically strong as a Shaolin Warrior Monk is. A Ninja. About loneliness; When I was in school starting from second grade in Norway, I was pushed back becoming Defensive and lonely, I was constantly alone and have not hugged so many people not my mother or father nearly, and am nearly a Virgin (all women don’t want to have their sins erased). Simultaneously I was balancing my loneliness with Offensiveness in order to be Neutral and Natural, not Evil and Hard as a Rock, and not complain, and I became Hard as a Rock and did not complain or do mistakes. And I haven’t done mistakes. And I’ll forgive The Women – and Men – The Sinners, for repulsing me away from them because they were and are EXTREMLY Humanoid and uncivilized. The Pure can’t be with The Impure on equal terms. The Impure made me Defensive and lonely, tortured me, and finally murder attempted me several times – The Last time The Police was witness, otherwise The Health Department has as we say in Iraq “lonelified with me” and The Police don’t intervene because they according to Law can’t. And both attack me, erode me, in The Water Cycle.
However. What have I done wrong? Am I not a Norwegian Political Refugee? It is not how I could be so patient upon The Health Department’s and also The Police’s BULLSHIT. But how YOU can play with your shit and revel in your dumpings 24/7.
Warm and Sunny Regards- Royal Guard

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