In Gods Allahs Name The Beneficient The Merciful

700 soldiers and until 70 years (in my life) in my Defensive Weapon under Imam Mehdi nr. 701. The Law – Then Law.

I’ve created a Defensive Weapon against The Health Department and put my Art in The Hands of The Police as I told them this word by word in The End of 2009 and I have kept my word and deviated less than rarely, I’m not a Prophet. I’m an Assasin as I also said, and that I have many behind me, and that I do not leave my enemy catch me sitting in meditation/prayer and I pray and meditate occasionally. If I do not do this, and I have done, then I am not Man Son of a Man. My word is after Allah: The Law.

In Gaustad Hospital I said: “I’ll keep helping you, although you are hurting me, even if I become 60 or 67 years old”. And that: “I need 699 soldiers from Norway, to be Apostles and Enforce Allahs Law on Earth, I’ll be their Leader nr. 700”. My mother says I must be under Imam Mehdi. I said: “Done”. He is nr. 701 (above me).

If you, anyone, don’t Believe in Allah and his Angels. Then you can mean that and I take your word for that. However, what am I? I’m not Human Species, because Humans always leave me alone, unless I need food and bite their neck – as now. I’m also not murderer, I’m just a Man Son of Man. They say that I’ve threatened Tøyen DPS with murder. I don’t threaten. I warned them. My word is The Law. If we check The Facts, I called The Police and honorably stated my Warning against someone from The Health Department I didn’t say Tøyen DPS initially. The Police officer refused to interrogate me further because I was kind, and he sensed that – I didn’t lie and he didn’t lie. Polar Bears don’t eat Pinguins As fact. And Allah tells Angels (including Lucifer a Jinnie) to bow to Adam. So If I’m not Angel and have never been, not Human, Then I’m a Jinnie or Lucifer. Or lets say a Hell Angel (not the MC stuff). And you The Health Department have murder attempted me, and The Police haven witnessed that, so if according to you I can’t get Married as “Evil Aspies” are invalidated and “Good Aspies” are offered by Human Law a reasonable life – Then I’ll change Human Law. If you resist, I will demand blood for blood. I will not kill you, but kill all your women and every woman in The World. I will put an end to you. You start fight, but Allah ends them. The Police will help me, making Trump and my Psychologist cry of Fear of Allah. Cry a rain cloud to the poor. If They don’t cry, I will not allow them to live or die. If The Police don’t help me, Allah will, just wait for it. And i’ll spare 72 women to have for myself and do like Tom Cruise in the movie The Last Samurai.

Good Luck and Thank Allah The Lord of The Worlds

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