The INFP as enemy

The INFP Enemy:
As an INFP it takes a lot to become your enemy. Someone would have to violate one of your values in a really bad way. If the crime isn’t too severe, you’re likely to pursue psychological understanding to get them to change their ways. You will try to understand where they are coming from, what led them to being this way, and attempt to find the root cause of their actions. You’ll empathize with the traumas of their childhood that inevitably influenced their wrong choices. You’ll appeal to their conscience and try to inspire them to find a more honorable calling in life. If they have done something especially unforgivable, then you’ll uphold your values and the cause of good as you fight ceaselessly and intuitively to trap your enemy so they can’t hurt anyone again.  Find out more about your personality type here.

Feeling Types:
Feeling types are more willing to make exceptions for their enemies depending on the context and background of the crime and the criminal. Justice and mercy waver in order of importance depending on the enemy’s motives and the personal impact of the crime. They are more likely to impose guilt trips or damage their enemies’ reputation than thinking types are. They are also more driven to try to understand WHY their enemy did what they did instead of HOW they did what they did. If their enemy doesn’t pose a real threat, they may just try to motivate them to change their ways.

Ne Strengths:
As extraverted intuitives, you come up with creative, unusual strategies to trap your enemies or make them change their ways. Whether it’s getting them stuck in complex scenarios that they can’t escape or confronting them with 1000 alternate lifestyles they could be living, you’re likely to flip their world upside down and change their way of thinking. You’re the creative, unpredictable, strategic enemy.

Si Strengths:
You guys are all about details and patience. You’ll observe your enemies and notice all their ticks, habits, routines, and weaknesses. You’re not going to rush into anything without a careful plan of action, complete with contingency plans and optimal resources at your disposal. You are the prepared, detail-oriented enemies

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