Yi Ching – Consulting The Oracle about my Armour

I got: https://www.onlineclarity.co.uk/reading/free-online-i-ching/your-reading/?lines=877867&text=barrett&question=What+is+my+direction%3F+Like+Mulan%2C+Loyal+Brave+and+True%3A+Do+I+lose+my+Armour+or+drop+it%3F And I slightly disagree with The Relating Hexagram. Because it says baby steps, small increments. I’ve never done “small”, and as Ram never progressed until I symbolically and physically was “murder attempted” by The Health Department and government as Whole.

So now like Mulan, like a Phoenix, I’m reborn from The Ashes (Burnt-out Fire) … and appearently I need to start again, within others nature, but I need help for that! My Psychologist keeps a distance from me, the world does – and shoots arrows at me extinguishing my Fire AGAIN and I’m already burnt-out and bored-out. I’ll force The Emperor to give me “The Most Trusted Seal” as Mulan – I’ll force Serve. I’m telling my Brother, whom is very Trusted by Norway when he Critisizes me: “I’ll Serve from my flying carpet, The Air Force, The Kami-Kaze Chikara (Divine-Wind Power) – as Aladin does by The Power of Ahlulbayt (Prophets Progeny) Imam Ja’far The Truthful”.

Like my Fire, added to my Psychologist and worlds and Polices Fire creats a; bigger Fire. I’m like, tempted to not shift myself to Water (Mulan says: Should I ask myself in The Water, what a warrior with Armour would do? All I know without Armour it’s harder, to be Loyal, Brave and True.

And that said; I’m Allahs weak servant, weak as in disobeys him sometimes.

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