Belief and Realism And Corona

I think Corona Crisis Quaranteen is happening in Spring like you say, which I haven’t thought about before, because people are getting Forced to become Lunatic. My email is Lunarious. I called myself so according to a Story I read as young about a Master (Allah) whom challenged The Young Man (me) to kill him, which is evident in brief short text in my Holy Book The Qur’an in Chapter 2 verse 23-24:

And if you are in doubt about what We have sent down upon Our Servant [Muhammad], then produce a surah the like thereof (it says him in Arabic – NOT simply a text/word) and call upon your witnesses other than Allah, if you should be truthful. But if you do not – and you will never be able to – then fear the Fire, whose fuel is men and stones, prepared for the disbelievers.

I’ve thought, Fire is meaning Fire-Temerament (Warrior/Commander and Me PeaceWarrior). According to you mara, this Fire is external. And you should be introspective. As introspective you will know this Fire can not hurt you if are a socalled Realist, a Realist is one who Believes in The ‘ideas’ Realm, The Universalias as Plato says. Plato was an extreme Realist and Believed in Ideas external to him (basically Heaven and Hell, Allahs and Devils Promise), and The Other Great Philosopher Aristotle Believed in a more moderate form of Realism, he Believed Realism is innate or inborn and called it and it is called Essence.

Essensialism motto is: Essence (Belief and Realism) before Existence.
Existensialisms motto is: Existence before Essence.

Existensialism became more prevelant at a certain point when Darwin came with his Theory, like 1800 AC, with contemporary follishness and disbelief in Realism, and “Belief” in Science and Magic and Bullshit. Science Must serve Humanity, and obey Allah, and acknowledge inferiority to Him as everything living on Earth has free will, but They are Created – by Allah. Aristotele Believed in a ‘First Mover’, First Thing whom started The Big Bang because A-Theist “Belief” in that The Big Bang just happened is illogical, stupid, evil, and pure Non-Sense. Allah Promises me 72 Virgins according to Tradition if I die as Martyr. I’ve died mentally, and been banned, and murder attempted with Evidence and The Police as Withness, and also without Evidence. Logically, I am rightfully owner of 72 Virgins (but I don’t expect Humans to be perfect) and can admit 70 people into Heaven as “Mediator” AKA INFP. Not to mention Slaves and Mansions/Villas.

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