Hard Men, Soft Women and The Third Element – The Third Leg

I’ve had a Lesson with The House Supervisor from The Government. He is my Supervisor according to The Dead Punching Bag (Dead Government), however my influence on Him is Great, and if he were not afraid he’d totally Submit. He is originally Christian.

I told him about his relation to his wife, and why he shouldn’t be afraid of her. Neither she should be afraid of him. However for that to happen we need “The Third Leg”. The Third Leg is a Fantasy Leg which we humans don’t have, but with it as in for example Kokutsu Dachi in Karate, we can achieve Greater Balance. With Two Legs (Man and Wife) and a Third Leg (Allah) we achieve Balance in The House. Allah is called a Fantasy Friend – like The Third Leg – by disbelievers, while this is True, it is also Weak Faith and imbalance. Weak Family Conditions, and disobedient society.


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