Jeg sa til dem:

Now I can enjoy Fucking you. Because like I told The Police and Limey, like The Zen Priest and Shika told me in The Monastary: “Be still!”. Like I told The Police: “I want 72 Human Sacrifices! 72 Virgins! They will be 16 years old (and it is Allah’s Mercy they are not 9). Or Cougars whom I’ll kill if they move – resist being raped. Because I’m leagally allowed to Fuck Dead women.”

You are not replying to My and Allah’s Truth because you are dead. You are not allowed to be Zoom-bies (my Zombies) because I’m making you chose between submitting (yes, by Force and Technique) and submitting. This is Allah’s Law. The God. The Lord of The Worlds. The Judgment Day.

I just feel like I need to spread Alpha Waves.


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