Poison Control Element

I Allahs Navn Den Nåderike Den Barmhjertige

In our trip outside the lake today, on our way back I said to Knut; “If I will activate my Defensive Weapon, the world will Burn”. Knut said; “Yeah, If you activate your Defensive Weapon, nothing will stop The Destruction.” I can not start explaining how my Defensive Weapon works now, but trust me – it works.

Young snakes are more dangerous than adult snakes, because They can’t control the ammount of Poison they inject into their Victim (my victim is The Health Department) – Martial Arts …

According to Norwegian Law, starting from 18 year old I am adult, and responsible for myself. My Mother and Father – By Norwegian Law – can’t control me, from hurting myself in Extreme Sport and Martial Arts, they can’t prevent me from “cutting myself”, or “cutting others” and injecting All my Poison into their (every evil one’s) veins, and I do not fear The Consequences. As a Ninja as I said since The Beginning of Time, and mentioned in the “Epikrise” from 2005 – two years after USA started The Invasion of Iraq. I am not a “snake”. Ninja comes from Ningen which means Human.

91:15 And He does not fear the consequence thereof.

To insert a “control element” into my Operative System i need my Mother and Father, in Allah’s Name to respect ABOVE Norway and guide me without your non-sense, and Worship Allah First, alone without Norway imposing on Islams sanctity. I (you) need my Father and Mother and Sheikh Mahmoud Jalloul to control my Venom which can be used as Medicine when applied correctly, or it can destroy your Nervous System. Without a control element, it WILL go very bad. Either you kill Iraq and The External Enviorement, or you (I) will kill Your Internal Nervous System by Intelligent Poisonous Blades.

Call me (also) Blade:


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