Skjerting og Sjengel

En Skjerting (Skjer Ting) er Fienden til en Sjengel (Engel). En Sjengel er veldig sterk, og skal straffe deg hvis du ikke Skjerter og sier ting som; “Jeg ber Allah om tilgivelse” … og at du gjør gode ting og er Moralsk. For en Sjengel leder ved å gjøre å ikke-gjøre, og tenke å ikke-tenke, så når du Sjerter som en en Sjerting og Ting Skjer, mister Sjengelen sin Kraft. Fordi Sjengelen er god og vil at du skal gjøre gode ting.

Me or You

In 2009 (I’ve said this many times) I decided to take up the battle against the Health Department, for the Death I was escaping would eventually catch me.

My choice was to;

  1. die with honor, or
  2. die without honor
  3. live without honor. 
    I chose A Good Death. And immediately within days I was sent on my Journey which unto this day keeps on unfolding as A Balanced person, whom takes responsibility for himself and in no way sick as was The Health Departments rationalization. Possibly because they are Christians and Jews, and Allah warns us about them. The Health Department insisted that I yield, but I do not practice «The Gentle Art» or «The Art of Yielding», The Soft Art. I was before being brought back to lifeby force; a Hard Martial Artist as I had killed my nerves and died. I had dead nerves. I was an External Martial Artist – as is Karate. … Repeatedly I was exposed to Soft Arts which (Juicy Turkey comes to mind) I under normal circumstances would have avoided, but They used Hard Force to enforce this humiliation and pain on me. They whispered into my ear as the Devil does, and prevented me from Fleeing to Allah. They took away my Human Right. They forced me to Sin, becasuse «We are all sinners».

Approximately 10.4.2020 Erik called me on the Phone and still didn’t want to apologize for being «Unbalanced» rebell (Ju Jutsu) repeatedly thowing his weight one me, where his partner apologized, and he still wanted to use «My Force Against Myself» which his the Soft way. So, when the Hard offense way had failed him, he resorted to the Soft Way. Erik said that we should talk again (which he ha requested and not requested before), and he said that; «I thought you had a kind heart?». He wanted to use my kindness to screw me, like WTF? I told him, I can’t help him anymore … I don’t have the heart or the body for it anymore after giving you all Personell 7 years of unconditional Love where I got only SHIT back.

Erik Had two choises:

  • Go to the Mosque with Head Raised High, because I am not Allah, he can ask Allah for help, him like every Human.
  • Get fired (By The House Manager) and possibly never work with patients again (Quite a luxurious job)
  • Go to Church In Humility and Inferiority to Allah – The Lord of The Worlds
    Erik wanted to have Head Raised High. So be it. … I want to make sure that after The Compulsory Treatment (Breaking me actually) Erik does not «get away» with doing this, and especially evil Doctors and Nurses (The Health Departnebt) whom are the Reason for all this to happen to people like me, and myself. I told KK, Believers (Allahs Believers) are above the Rest of Humanity. They mocked me. But the house I’m living in has been successfully Purified and the Walls Isolated against «warmth» (Extroversion?) and I’m willing to Invert the Situation and Sedate The Evils of The Health Department with wamth, and take work for myself; and killing my Nerves again if that is possible. But I am getting old now.

  • Erik is like Mushu, a little snake, he says: “Me or you”.

Sword Smith

Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq: “Accept what Allah has dealth you, and do not look to what is in posession of other, and do not wish what you can’t achieve.”

Comment: Like I am “bad cop” (a gentleman) and mara is a “good cop” (also a gentleman) should not wish eachother’s roles. Not your roles in The Open Forum either. For everone their Role – it is unfair Muslims/Cops should be ill treated and set up against eachother.

For example: I promised Norwegian Police I’d create a Defensive Weapon (Katana is a so-called Defensive Weapon) and this makes a Sword Smith. The Police (buyers of my Sword) and The Health Department (Those whom’ll be intimidated and set straight by The Police) must Humbly ask for my expertice and any Muslims expertise.

Swords are created and imbued with Magical properties, ass adding The Blood of The Weilder (Police and Health Department) – Where Scientifically The Blood would contain minerals and “The Soul” of The Weilder because for a Samurai The Sword is his Soul. The Inferior Function is called “Soul” or Anima/Animus and is crucial for The Person-ality.

However, not all types are Samurai. An ESTJ could be a Samurai, but I INFP am his “Soul”.

Christians call themselves Believers, and They Equate Themselves to Muslim Believers. Believers are free men though they can’t avoid Life’s Suffering which is obligatory – They must chose between being ‘A Sword’ (A Word / Logos aka God) and ‘a Soldier’. 

A Christian Soldier or Muslim Sword.

I’ve been Forced to become a Soldier where in fact I’m/was a Dead Sword. I’m Both. I’m after The Imam (and Priest?) Allah’s representative and Must be respected. I do not ask you. I ask only Allah and Worship him.

Tao Te Ching 55:
His bones are soft, his muscles weak,
But his grasp is firm.

The Covered:
O you who covers himself [with a garment], Arise and warn

The Chambers:
Indeed, those who lower their voices before the Messenger of Allah – they are the ones whose hearts Allah has tested for righteousness. For them is forgiveness and great reward. [Right Now you have raised your voice by Isolating me (and mara) in Perdition and not regretted that. Therefore you transgressed and will be punished.]

And I will kill Trump Softly (This means he won’t Live and Won’t die). I’m a very Hard Martial Artist and am a Sharp Sword. I’ve been imbued with Soft Martial Art or Metal Now and My Defensive Weapon (Katana) has been accomplished – which I vowed to offer The Police against specifically The Health Department.

Body fighting Mind

roki, in Defence of evil Body Ways: “Sinny is a 6’5″ man with triceps bigger than your brain”

Peacewarrior: “

No. With my Brain I can “copy and paste” like mara also is doing and virally replicate myself.
When Sinny starts making trouble, he gets his Own Trouble back In His Face. Because he is grose and rubs his eyes mouth and nose with his “big hands” which he can’t control. And staying home in Quaranteen. His body and what’s left of his mind gradually Decaying, which happens to evil people as in Hades Realm – The Underworld.

This Underworld you call Perdition.

I will not be tolerable when you do not Know Your Place. Your Place is on the sofa if you can respects yourselves (which you appearently can’t), otherwise it is on The Floor where you’ll lick my feet as Dogs and I brainwash you to be good Dogs. Because in Islam Dogs are Dirty, and only in hunting it is allowed to use Hunting Dogs, and even then I have to Purify The Prey after they fetch it.

This is The Truth from God, as I see it. And I challenge everyone in The World to locate a simple Error in my “code” as a Social Hacker. Hackers work for The Government. Crackers are evil. I told you i’m a Ninja Soldier from The Iraqi and Norwegian Army – with Asperger’s

Shaddow Clones. A High Level Ninjutsu.

Our shadows exist in parallel universe as our double living a very different life. Our doubles are obedient to God and never do evil. They live a life in total obedience to God.

All these shadows together are formed into a universe which, in modern terminology, is termed as “The parallel universe.”

“Have they not observed things which Allah have created: their shadow incline to the right and left, making prostration to Allah, and they are loyal (humble).”

Naruto (me and mara, scientists and last but not least Allah) vs. Rock Lee (Sinny, roki, Ptah Sistamatic etc).
Naruto said: “you’re lucky zi was holding back”.“.

Dyp Stilling og Høy Klovneri

Da jeg var Barn bar jeg tunge ting og gikk med ryggsekk hele tida, jeg stod jeg i dyp stilling i hjemme-miljøet på Beina – i Heste stilling – og gjorde «klovne» ting i skolemiljøet som å hoppe salto fra trappen og å leste høyt i klassen i Norsk og Engelsk timen fordi jeg søkte oppmerksomhet. Jeg søkte oppmerksomhet så mye at jeg fikk hverken positiv eller negativ oppmerksomhet i skole-miljøet som var Hardt og foreldrene mine presset meg Hardt, så jeg ble Hard.

Jeg fikk ingen «intern» mat, altså. Og jeg «jobbet» hardt, som det heter at Asperger vil ha sosial omgang Men klarer ikke å få det. Hvorfor får de det ikke til?

Fordi det er Helsevesenet og Den Kristne og Jødiske Staten som i starten av mitt liv som gjorde det vanskelig for meg fordi jeg var Troende i Allah, og sosialt isolerte meg. Jeg ble ensom, og likevel var det jeg som måtte bære all vekten av Verden fordi Staten ikke ville gjøre det – kan ikke få det til. Fordi de er syndere.

Bare Allah kan få det til, og dersom Alle skapninger samlet seg om å gjøre det Allah gjør hadde de ikke klart det. Og det er Han jeg Tror på. Jeg har ikke Troa på Helsevesenet, jeg har Troen på Allah og jeg kan ikke gjøre noe jeg ikke Tror, kan du? Helsevesenet kan ikke få Lov til å være vantro og bruke Tvang mot de Troende. Der går grensa. Deretter, etter Barndommen, I min ung manns alder ville jeg være i Fred, fordi jeg hadde hatt det veldig vondt, og likevel Helsevesenet påtrenger seg og ber om Bråk og jeg hadde ikke energi. Fordi jeg var rusfri ikke sedert klarte jeg «å ta meg sammen» og løpe mot Døden Helsevesenet representerte … jeg hadde ikke noe valg. Og nå har Helsevesenet drapsforsøkt meg pluss all «behandlingen» som er Tortur.

Jeg hører Irak er bra nå for tiden, og en god stud fremover forhåpentligvis, så jeg vil reise til Irak og Endelig ha litt Fred.

Heste Stilling:

BJJ – Ju Jutsu – Karate

Erik (og Imre) førte meg til belteseng. Imre sa unnskyld, men Erik gjorde det ikke før og ikke nå langt etter hendelsen. Jeg var fortsatt i belte, selvom Erik kom “med halen mellom beina” da Bjørn var i ferd med å ta en Dom.

Erik er fordømt-agent (Ju Jutsu) og setter opp helsevesenet (BJJ – Leire Adam) til å ta meg (Karate – ild Jinn) og for at jeg ta skal ta Adam, og være en “Fallen Engel” på Tvang uten vilje til å adlyde Allah – En Lucifer. Erik gjorde dette fordi han trodde “jeg/vi er Gud”.

Jeg er også som Erik en Fordømt-Agent (Ju Jutsu ikke “bare” Karate når jeg har fått føle med førstehåndserfaring bakke-kamp), men som jeg Lovet Allah jeg skulle sloss/trene inntil døden for han, inntil jeg ble Hykler aka fordømt-agent.

Når du er Ju Jutsu, en Samurai, en Politimann som Gamle Samuraier var, er du i starten av livet sterk men synder. Når du vokser opp, slutter du å være synder og fordi du er sterk og dyktig angrer du. Dette er ikke nok.

Velger du Ju Jutsu er du en sterk Jinnie / Engel – magisk – og må gjøre mer Arbeid enn et menneske som er ikke-magisk. Feks lage et Defensivt Våpen. Som Katana er. Bare rike Herrer i Japan fikk bære Sverd, og Samuraier (Ju Jutsu). Og bærer du sverd må du fortjene den og lage Def. Våpen eller du må da ikke bære den. Du må ikke bruke Sverdet ditt mot andre Samuraier som Erik brukte sitt Sverd, sin vekt, mot meg. Erik er også vantro. Ikke jeg. Noen mennesker sier til de Troende, vi er også Troende, de prøver å Lure Allah og de Troende, men de Lurer bare seg selv, sier Allah.

With great Power Comes Great Responsibility.

Offering Rice to The Angels

Karate Kid, Offering Rice to The Gods (Angels):

Karate Kid, Offering Rice to The Gods (Angels):

Specifically, in my view, The Unpredictable Strong Susanoo, “The Bone Crusher” we say in Iraq. Practitioner of The Forgotten Art: “Kosshijutsu and Koppojutsu”. they are Dogs that are Fighting Dogs with Short Legs, and powerful Body, big mouth and teeth made for Crushing Bones. Bred for this purpouse. Evolved for this purpouse. Like Bulldog and whatnot. The Police Dog will back-track or die a painful / Fresh Death. I will make Trump and my Psychologist cry of Fear of Allah, my Lord, he’s been kind to me, you will not cry of happiness. I don’t do happiness. And like Alita Battle Angel said: “I do not stand passive in the presence of evil”.
About Offering Rice to The Angels. When I was like 17 years old at The Iraq Invasion in 2003, I recieved an appartment as an offering for me to not plague them – The Health Department. My mother got the keys, because she was in my New Appartment and Cleansed it to be Pure, suitable for me called INFP aka Angel. … When I came in, there was a bowl of Rice and an open Koran in The middle of The Appartment. I asked my mother, what is this? She said: An offering to Allah and His Angels, The Rice is for The Angels, Angels like to Hear The Qur’an (because Angels don’t have The Qur’an). Which is i think inside a bowl, not in The Sea, because we don’t have much access to The Sea in Iraq. Just The Desert. Only Basra has a short coast line, Basrians are Iraqs most Generous and Loving, and support for The Whole of Iraq. Iraq needs water. They Psychologist and Trump must cry of Pain, and send a rain cloud to The “Deserted Countries”. Stop fucking things up! Aspergers and Autists are disabeled people, yes, they are – disabeled by you! We’re FUBAR, yes, FUBAR because of you. But if I die, I promise you you won’t sleep. Only Allah does NOT sleep or get tired. You WILL submit, for imposing on Allahs sanctity. There are red lines, which should not be crossed. 

The Savior & Susanoo

The savior of The World, Prophecised in all major religions is called Imam Mehdi. He is the 11 decendant of The Seal of Prophets Muhammed, The 12 Imam, his mother was (is) Christian from The Roman Empire, she is The Decendant of Shamon (Jewish Name) the cousin of Jesus and his guardian.
He’ll save us from Corona and injustice. He’ll be our Leader. For all Humanity. In Allah’s Name. It is not Bahai whom claims Bahaudin is Imam Mehdi – a branchoff of Shia Islam. 

Submit! Or live in confusion and Pain, as Allah and Scholars and all Wise Men Wants us to not live as disBelievers. You have Free Will with The Consequences. You’ll get what you want. If you think all cool and sexy people are in Hell, and want to be there. Go ahead. But there is only Pain and Misery.

Susanno Was Banished from Nirvana and sent to exile by The Gods He offended. He went to The Human World and helped an elderly couple, and villagers from a Dragon that demanded Virgins every now and then. He fought it as me from his Flying Carpet as Aladin, The Prayer Carpet, as A Heavenly Force against The American and British Air Force. He won, as The Most Skilled Strategist aka Swordsman. He discovered a magical Sword in The Defeated Dragon, and offered it to The Gods, asking to return to Heaven. His request was met, and went back to Heaven and Lived with his Beautiful Princess he got from The Villagers.

Ikke bruk av Tvang

Ikke bruk av Tvang – Tvang til å ta av seg Hijab, eller Nikab, eller Bikini. Eller ta på disse tingene. Vi må være Gentle-Men og følge et STERKT hjerte. Honning grevling størst I Irak.

Honeybager, biggest in Iraq:

Til Erik:
Allah’s Gjest:

Ikke bry deg om Muslimene i moskeen hvis de kjefter på deg som da vi to var i moskeen en gang. Du gjør det du gjør for Allah, eller Djevelen. Når du jobber for Allah får du det du har betalt for (indre fred). Allah sier det er en byttehandel. Tar Norge en bolle fra Irak, må vi ha fisk tilbake. Da lager vi Halal Fishburger til folk. Norge kan ikke ikke-trene og spise junk food istedet for et ekte måltid. Da blir de feite, og får damepupper, og jeg bærer dem IKKE til trygghet fordi jeg kan ikke fordi de er tunge. Og jeg er tynn-feit også. 

Løsningen er å følge hjertet, som administrerer underkastelse (til Allah). Flerguderi (Allah – og andre Guder som finnes ikke) og “vantro” er IKKE lov med bruk av kraft/tvang. Kristne kan ikke Tvangs-Kristne meg som Bjørn uttrykte at jeg skulle “konvertere” til Kristendommen. Kristne når de angriper en honning grevling, eller en bie, forsvarer bien seg med Kraften til en Drage.

Honning Grevling og 6 Løver:

6 Synlige + 2 Usynlige Balanse Punkter

Tenk deg 8 punkter:

+4 Engler (Allahs skapelse) og Kjærlighet
+3 Sykehus (shemale) urettferdig
+2 Politiet (shemale) urettferdig
+1 Sykehus (dame) rettferdig

0 = Allah som også heter “Fred” og han er overalt

-1 Politiet (mann) rettferdig
-2 Bra (mann) Bruker – Aladin
-3 Psykotisk Bruker eller Barn (dame)
-4 Jinn (Allahs skapelse) og Krig

Meningen med disse tallene er at de skal produsere 0 eller balanse.

Jeg er tydeligvis med mitt defensive våpen (Krig) nr. 4 som Asperger – IKKE Psykotisk nr. 3. Når de Kristne sier de “vet ikke” om de Tror på Gud og er Ateister er de sårbare for Jinn selvom de er maksimert. Det er IKKE greit å si det i etterpåklokskap. Bare Bjørn sa han var Kristen fra dag 1.

Urettferdig Sykehus + Psykotisk Bruker = 0

Men Urettferdig Sykehus + Jinn eller Troende = -1

Engler + Jinn = 0

هُوَ الَّذِي أَخْرَجَ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا مِنْ أَهْلِ الْكِتَابِ مِنْ دِيَارِهِمْ لِأَوَّلِ الْحَشْرِ ۚ مَا ظَنَنْتُمْ أَنْ يَخْرُجُوا ۖ وَظَنُّوا أَنَّهُمْ مَانِعَتُهُمْ حُصُونُهُمْ مِنَ اللَّهِ فَأَتَاهُمُ اللَّهُ مِنْ حَيْثُ لَمْ يَحْتَسِبُوا ۖ وَقَذَفَ فِي قُلُوبِهِمُ الرُّعْبَ ۚ يُخْرِبُونَ بُيُوتَهُمْ بِأَيْدِيهِمْ وَأَيْدِي الْمُؤْمِنِينَ فَاعْتَبِرُوا يَا أُولِي الْأَبْصَارِ

59:2 ….Men så tok Allah (Allahs pine) dem fra det holdet som de ikke engang kunne forestille seg, og Han kastet skrekk i deres hjerte, de la sine hjem i ruiner med sine egne hender og med de troendes hender. Så ta lærdom av dette for framtiden, å, dere klarsynte!


Bare Psykotiske damer og barn, og rettferdige damer er OK. Å styre huset skal være mannens oppgave, og shemales ødelegger ordentlige damer (i kvinne sporten).

Jeg som ex-psykotisk (jeg mener Asperger Jinnie) BARN sier nå jeg får OCD-anfall som er rester etter heltids Guided OCD/Perfeksjon. Men det kom etter tvang.

Ninjutsu Video: Video: