Harmony and Anarchy

Harmonical Triad or Anarchy

In Music-Theory a Triad is a sound produced by 3 notes which result in a (Harmonical) Chord, called a Fist “Grep” in Norwegian. “Be-Grep” is a Metaphysical Fist a Consept. … Every Harmony is a Chord/Fist.

If we want to not have Anarchy, we ought to Believe in The External Martial Arts “Third Leg” or Allah (The same Thing) in Internal Martial Arts, besides a Man and a Woman  – Creating 3 Different things. We can not just Believe there is a Man and Woman with no “Third” (Allah) in a Triad. For Balance we must Believe in a Triangel between Three and this is stability, not just a Line between Two – an unstable shortcut. This does not mean a Love-Triangel between for example Two men and One woman.

A Karate Master is always Stronger than a BJJ Master because a Karate Master has “concieved” The Third Leg and has invincible Balance/Reaction … and therefore a BJJ Master can not Unbalance him to ground Fighting, and before that happens, he is struck on His Face as soon as He enters The Karate Masters “Zone”. I don’t know. But I think a BJJ don’t have a conseption of a Third Leg or a Critical Zone. The Health Department, BJJ is now in My Zone and they can NOT escape my 64 Palms in Ju-Ken Internal Martial Arts (google it in relation to MA) in this so-called by words of a Qi-Gong instructor; Third-Way additionally to Internal and External Martial Arts. This blocks your Chi, and you can not enter Heaven.



Allah says: A Man “stands” on a woman (she lays on The Floor for Sex?) with what he pays for Her in The Qur’an. To pay you need to work Hard. Unprecisely in The Bible it says: Every woman must serve her Husband, I am not sure if it says Every Man has a responsibility to Pay for his woman. It says, The Man is under God, over The Woman.

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