Fire and Water

Letter to a moderator in a Facebook Group, regarding The Conflict between me and The Group’s Founder Meghan.

Conserning Meghan – Important!

Do you know about Hexagrams? From Yi Ching from China, a Spiritual Book. Spirituality as you were moot about – can be taught. But. I will not teach unworthy people about it in a way they will not under-stand me. INFPs are the most misunderstood. INFPs are Angels, at least Believers in God/Logos and their Feelers controlled by Words because they are iNtuitives. In youtopiaproject INFPs are graphically depicted as Angels and named accordingly.

I’ve realized through Spiritual Refinement I’m a Fire Type – as Keirsey calls NFs Fire Temperament. Meghan if she is also is NF, an unconfused on, she will not Fight me. Why? Because when two Fires meet, they become one Bigger Fire (still different individuals, which is Fire, or even Earth which is different). However, when Fire meets Water, they kill eachother, they evaporate. Again however, when Water meets Water, they also like Fire (but different than Fire) join eachother.

So I need to not be “contained”, or be self-contained a cold-war term and I refuse to submit to Meghan for she is not near being Allah and she is over-riding me, a Man, which is not beneficial for me or her. And there is nothing I can do about this. The only time something will happen, if she do not Soften Up (to they Sky) and evaporate as Water Temperament as she thinks she is, for colliding with me Fire/Earth (Fire+Earth = Lava) – is when I get fatter than I have become since 10 years back, and then I will be really ugly for her and she will finally have matured after Sinning alot and then she will too be ugly and old.

It is unfair Sinners / Wrongdoers get to enjoy life, and enjoy torturing Virgin Men and “Bathing in their blood” – for seeking immortality even to the degree of selling their Soul to The Devil. Am I’m not bleeding but a Sword. I’m getting beaten up unconcious by a Thugs Baseball Bat.

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