Digital Art – Socrates and “Hearing” Sounds aka Synesthesia and being attentive and Aware

What is Socrates secret for Wisdom? Hearing Voices wasn’t his thing, for he didn’t hear “words” or recieve Revelations or Inspirations. He was not a Prophet whom God Allah had talked to … he was however a very goodhearted Man whom heard Sounds. These sounds never told him what to do, but what to not-do, and a Master leads by doing non-doing – leaving behind nothing undone.

Buddha was such a Man. He taught to meditate, to sit still and do nothing and just observe attentively like a wallflower, being an easy open Man with so-called Shoshin aka Beginners Mind – and in Zen it is possible to Wake Up during this life time. Do it! When you sit still long enough you will See things and not be Blind in Darkness and asleep – and thank you for all your effort. I promise The More Effort you put into Stillness, The Faster the world will become for you and you’ll be busy and have Fun like on a Fast Car or Roller Coaster and Allah do not waste The Work of a Worker and you’ll get for what you give to Humanity and Nature, because God does not need Anything and Nothing will reach him from Our Sacrifices of Blood or Meat but we need Allah’s help. Allah is not Nature. I am not Allah. And Allah and Nature are not One.

I too am such a Man As Buddha and Socrates and by no means Magical or Holy Man or “Shaman”, I repeat, I’m however a Strategist or Void and Fire-Temperament.

General Iroh Creating Fire from Nothing:

I do not Hear Words or Voices or Hallucinate. I Hear Digital Sounds and Acoustic Sounds and often Bird Songs in The Mornings. Digital means Yes or No. woman or Man. On or Off. Zero and One. Internal and also External Sounds – but more Internal. I play Guitar. Guitar exclusively is very wrong and it is like Poison which you can use for Medical Purposes, but you need to Study The Study of Guitar for it to not Kill you and not cause Misery. Generally speaking, you can 1. Study 2. Study The Study or 3. Study The Study and do Study it.

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