Angels Mercy and Vengance

Angels and Allah’s Mercy during The Month of Mercy Ramadan (now) and Friday (Weekend / Muslim Holy Day) Angels.
The Prophet Muhammed Heard Gabriel because he had a good Heart and MY role model. You do not reach his level, yet, and can not give up to The Devil. Of course you can give up to The Devil and worship “The Queen” of England / mara. But you and mara will Fear me and Allah. If you do not respect me. Disobey me and in The Dojo The Teacher will give you The 7th Fall, which Hurts, if you don’t Obey. Or Leave The Dojo. This is not a question. Police or Army or Trump … Christians will acknowledge inferiority. And say what They Believe in and Do it. Which is Mercy. They will not be arrogant and disobedient. They will Follow The Law from above. I don’t give a shit of what you think, you’ll follow your Heart and do good things. If you do bad things that’s because Allah has Sealed your Heart. And for you is an Evil wretched Destination and Hell. You’ll say you are Christians, and Christian Women and Jewish women can have sex with Muslim men. Muslim Men, Humbel Men, They are Stronger Than Christian Men. Christian Men can not Fuck other Men. Definetly not Muslim Humbel Men. Muslim women are Pure in Their Vagina. To get a Woman you Must Be Pure Man of Heart and Believer. You are dirty probabely. Honorless. Thousands of different dicks gave been in you Escorts women. In Heaven I’ll get 72 Wide-Eyed Women / Afraid Escorts. This is my Right. Or I can kill all The Women and Mercy in The World because These women are impure and not good at Heart. This is Mercy.

Fear me! Fear Allah. Or Respect Him. You can Love Him only if you ask Him ALONE and worship Him and your Faith and kindness increases then. You can not Fuck Allah Up or Down. Try that. You can kill me if you want. But if you kill me with an Impure Heart. You WILL Then go to Hell. Because I’m good. Allah Loves those who are good. Allah is The King. Not The Queen of England. If you are Queen with wrong Position, you are weaker than a Peasant in The Right Position. If you are a Peasant and in wrong Position you arenWay to Fucked up. And Hell will be much Longer for you. You WILL not Steal. You’ll take what you are given. And Dealt with Justly. Allah is not unjust to His Servants. The Merciful. Worthy of Forgiving and and Worthy to be Feared. This is not about Pain. But Honor and Love. Doing The Right Thing and Following your Heart. Pain is weakness Leaving The Body. Now you are Weak and disobedient, afraid and Messed up. Listen to me. I’ll help you. Thank you for following your Heart and tryingnto Help me (by “force”) but technique beats Strength. And reaction beats Speed. React with apologizing Now! Ask for forgiveness! Do not be evil! Show Mercy that Allah shows you Mercy. This is not a question. I’ll come into your Home and kill your women and take away your Mercy and your Katanas and Guns and Water. You will not be able to die and Fuck Eachother (your all Disbelieving Men) and this, until Allah choses you are good now. After Trillions upon Trillions of Years in Hell with Highest Punishment Strength and Highest Intensity. Test me not. Be good people and Humble. Show Mercy.

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