Believer and Submitter

Jeg sa:
We will always need “The People of The Book(s)”. We will also always need “The Enlightened Approach”. However Allah, The Lord of The Worlds say: Say Allah is One, not Two. … Enlightened People WILL for Love and Peace Bow to Allah. Don’t – and you’re not Enlightened.

Han sa:
That is obedience, servitude, blind faith. We reason beyond holy books, as all holy books are written by men to suite their needs.

Jeg svarte (så langt):
You are using the Term “Enlightened/Ignorant”. There is no such thing excluded from Allah’s soverginity. Buddha said “Awake/Asleep”. Do you wake up (litterally) between 2:00 and 6:00 AM everyday – Further you do that to worship Allah? As all significant soldiers do. And brilliant people. For example Dwayne Johnson.

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