Genious Style

I wrote a comment (which i don’t-edit for accuracy) here that didn’t get published, it is under the link to The Article:

I don’t think all Types will survive this change. Like I’m INFP, aka Healer. Who will I Heal? It is interesting you used INFP as example first, as ENTP (my older Sister is ENTP and Phamaceut). I’ve Healed The World with Defensive Weapon (Read; Defense Department / Self-Defense), as Promised in 2009 officially to Norwegian Police, and as we call in Norway “Defanere”, in 2018 I was De-Fan-ed … To defane is to Throw Out of a window, as Nazis did to Jews in Hospitals (to give them what they want; Air / Oxygen) … I’m Muslim, Shia Muslim, Jews are allright but they must acknowledge inferiority and pull out from Palestine and USA, because they are overly orderly aka OCD, and OCD or Psychotic is good as long as they Yield to for example Genious Style, or say, Submit which is to be Muslim … However, Allah’s command is; If they give you Peace (and pull back), give Them Peace. … Right now I don’t want them to have Peace. I’m blocking their Chi Flow and access to Heaven (in The Future), this is called Soft-Sword or Ju-Ken in Japanese. Resistance is Futile. The more you dig into my Defensive Weapon and “Healing The Healer”, The Bigger The Hole becomes where you’ll Fall Down in … because I’m not your Enemy O Jews (and Christians). It is you who are Fighting against God Allah. …. I don’t remember how I put it, but, when you are kind to me or anyone else, you are kind to yourself. And you can not be kind to me when your Heart is impure, and your mind is full of crap, threatning with nuclear Weapons and not allowing People to Eat or have some water.

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