No thanks and Guards

Someone was talking of “no thanks” people, and I replied. Like an ESFP who works here expresses like everyone else I’m kind and gentle etc. I’m like; “Totally not! I have always said I’m Negativist. In your words I’m a Guard. Like Guards are Patient and kind, but why do you expect me to be kind when you guys Offensively attack me? Though i’m appearently currently for reasons of life – not doing anything. Why is also know as logic. Logic is also how. How is wisdom more spesifically in Trivium. So, also, how is it possible? How is it a Thing? I can do Things that are things, only. … My Psychologist an ISTJ, she’s Defensive against me, much like I’ve been against The Governments Offense. I can clearly see that. So I’m her Government which she Defensively Fights, in the name of her Norwegian Government. Actually though, she’s not Defensive, and neither are the government. … At best their Passive-Agressive. She is not Defensive, she’s Offensive in her fear of The Government against me, like always, but she can’t but help to yield for my kindness – becoming Passive-Agressive. I told her, Jesus didn’t wash sinners feet, and I’m not even Jesus. And even if I was, along with all INFPs in The World, we wouldn’t actually be able to was the feet of 7 billion people plus. The “mission” would be aborted at a minimal progression. … And I wouldn’t like it. Even you wouldn’t like it. And we must do things I like, things God Allah likes, don’t we?

I told The Police 10 years back I’m Negativist, and that I’d create a “Defensive Weapon” against the Health Department of Norways Offense against me. Norwegian people, if they are Yes people … they might be ozing of agressivity. Like Defensive people may be ozing of “no thanks” aka Passivity, Weakness, Mortality, Vulnerability etc. … We will never know what we are, wheither we are good or bad, not in near times or now. We might be evil, wheither we are Offensive (i think; J) or Defensive (i think; P). Girls should be no thanks people, as all good women are, unless The Man gives her a reason for having for example Sex (it shouldn’t be that he is a Big Baby). A Man is a no thanks person, and shouldn’t be either, unless he’s given a reason to DO something whatever it is. I said and did I’m Negativistic because God gave me a reason. Because I Love people, people said. They said; “We want to help you”. Softly, Arrogantly. And I took that as a question for help, they wanted me to help them. I answered; “OK. I’ll help you too”. I didn’t accept their help, it was a very feeble question, so I didn’t say no thanks to their question. I was Negativist. That was The Start of my Practical Journey, and Construction of Ever-Lasting Defensive Weapon aka Masculinity. It doesn’t mean i’m a God. Only God is God. But Masculinity is Half of Creation. You shouldn’t trick people and say things without a clue, wheither you are God, The Devil, or Man. … What you can say without a clue is Peaceful and Lovely things. Like, Songs, Comforting Words, Poetry, Art – as INFPs should.

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