Apologize to me!

You are not my friends until you APOLOGIZE. You’ve Hurt me, and I will simply Hurt you back. It requires that you Die Pysically to be able to my Equal and then I’ll respect you eventually. Now I don’t respect you. Can your Force me to Respect you by Banning me for saying the Truth? … Etc. This is not Passive aggression from me. In fact, you are Passive-Aggressive. Unforgivable to be Passive aggressive against me. Because in fact I love you, I just don’t respect you and you can’t Force that. You can only Bow to me or Allah and this is The Truth … Or you can do something which doesn’t make sense, and Bann me Passive-Agressively.

You are afraid, and you should be. Because when this Quran is revealed on a Mountain it shatters – Quran

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