My Comment: Why do you “think” or “feel” INFPs want to appear as Big Bad? Actually WHY do you feel that? … INFP = Order of another Order …. Someone said: … anyway …. INFPs are cool 8) Thank you for your effort … about voices and Reality. I’m ‘Realist’ by Platos and Aristoteles example …. Good Luck 🙂 … I’m INFP Asperger’s (ex-ISTJ)

Post disappeared in my video

This disappeared from youtube 8) and i’m posting again: Christians are Kafirs. In my understanding that’s a forgiveable Sin by The Merciful God, not Jesus, The One and Only, but … people are generally so “unthankful”. …. I wrote some then i clicked wrong button, and I can answer questions 🙂

I give youtube The Benefit of Doubt. But know: Gay bad people are not my responsibility, lesbians neither (controversially?). Because it seems YT are Honorless, Beautyless, Truthless. Keyboard Warriors Men or Women are crap, sooner or later (They will be re-born). And that they are unwanted unjustified cruel and uncalled for Dead Weight.

Fatwa against teacher


Samuel Paty had a fatwa against him supposedly, I’ll inshallah read more on it, but I don’t exactly know what fatwa is, maybe something like a command. I know fatwas might be direct commands, but The Qur’an is generally directing, generously eloquently speak. It is unfit for a generally speaking commander have his messenger “beheaded”, for there is one eye for an eye, and that in knowledge there is no separation. No separation between Body (mutilation) and Mind (Mutilation). In fact, a minds mutilation and mental scars are far worse than Physical Scars and like a Norwegian Artist said: “It’d be better if you hit me kick me than not to even look me in The Eyes”.

It is Honorless to offend Allah and His Law, behind “walls”. Why? …. and How can God Love such a person? Such a person does not have more right to Live more than a Covid-19.
… I don’t like the fact he consumes oxygen, which right now; he don’t.

Accepting others compliments and kindness

My Experience is: 1. Anchor/Belief (I call it anchor) in Allah 2. Positivity …. My mom said today: “Your Dad is evil, he hates you.” But I looked into myself and realized what my dad implanted in, without his seed I wouldn’t be, this endless fearless fouintain of Love….Additionally, in Power of : “Life happens for you, not to you”. And other Things. I’d say: “People are lucky just to be alive. Just now I was struggeling to breathe (a little bit), which reminded me of when I struggeled to breath for years because of lust … I didn’t think clearly, I was afraid or worried, but I felt based on “my studies” everything changes except change….It is scary. Death is better. Prophet Muhammed: Die before you die. Assasin Creed: Quantum Leap Technique/Grammar: Defane …. I’m INFP. I’m alone. I’ve done what you shouldn’t do; endure a lifetime of misery, hopefully so you wouldn’t. This sounds like Jesus, yes….3. Be Truthful 4. Be Patient

Allah og MySQl

Dette brevet vil jeg starte med Allah og MySQL, Allah og flergudere.

Konklusjonen er at vi kan ikke Tro at vi kan si vi er Troende Tro og at vi kan lure Allah…

Da Saddam Falt ble ordet; Før var det en Stor Saddam, nå er det mange små Saddamer (som jobber seg opp) innafor grensene til Irak

Med Nasjonaldyret geiten … men vi er ikke geiter (eller Falker), vi er bare mennesker som inshallah vil leve og la leve, som mange mange mennesker overalt forhåpentligvis.

“Fixere” som Tror de er Allah, eller flergudere eller hyklere som later som de er Troende når de er en vanære for gode folk som Kris slik jeg har kjent han – i hans monoteisme skal ned som Saddam og Ingen Service Elektronikkere eller Google Nest Hub for han

Hovmod (Jeg Mustafa sier Arroganse) står til Fall – Andreas S. Paulsen

Og Takk til Herren av Verdnene

Sjekk Datoen 2013