Tip to a “Kid”

Dude … stay away from Women because “women weaken the legs” your legs and you can not kick off anything then. And you can not escape then. You will not enter my “Bomb Field” and you will not be Honored by No Thing … and you will not be safe; Thinking every cry is against you and be tormented eternally, sources coming:

When you see them, their appearance impresses you. And when they speak, you listen to their ˹impressive˺ speech. But they are ˹just˺ like ˹worthless˺ planks of wood leaned ˹against a wall˺. They think every cry is against them. They are the enemy, so beware of them. May Allah condemn them! How can they be deluded ˹from the truth˺?


And do not talk as a Woman yet be agressive as a Man, and definetly not call yourself shemale friend 🙂

Your better than that, I Believe in you if you Work … Work is more important than BJJ or Karate, you need a roof and food.

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