Body Mind Heart

Body I think is S/N.
Mind is T/F – Soft and Hard metal.
Heart is ExxJ, ExxP, IxxJ and IxxP

ISTJ is starting from a Low Telluric command center with Si having been indoctrinated certain knowledges as foundation, at 30 Te starts developing.

INFP is starting from a Low Heavenly Command Center with Fi indoctrinated pre-30, and at 30 Ne starts to develop.

I-STJ or I-NFP one trains to become The True King (Royal Guard) … However not The King Himself because “this/that” is False Strength aka arrogance.

  1. High Heavenly: EN-xx equals Kingmanship and Panzer Kunst aka Angry Tiger with Traditional (Boxer) Style – Takbeer.
  2. Low Heavenly: IN-xx equals Royal Guardianship with Un-Orthodox Boxing Style – Duaa.
  3. High Telluric: ES-xx equals Muslim Senpai – Rukoo.
  4. Low Telluric: IS-xx equals Muslim Kouhai – Sujood.

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