Hard og Myk – Brev 31.03.2017

They say Aspies got a photographic memory. But i feel empty because the world is not photographic, like i need a bio port to download information in pictures to my brain. They say (and that true) Aspies got eccholali, that is echoing words again and again after hearing them, as if trying to visualize them. And they can “see” sounds etc.

1. Hard metal is masculine in nature, it cuts but breaks on impact with hard objects. Soft metal is feminine it doesn’t cut, but it doesn’t break. Humans originally unlike modern societies where everyone are soft, used to be like that. Islam says the man has to be professional and seek belonging (so he doesn’t break), and be out doing Jihad against external and internal enemy.

2. Body, mind spirit. I think S/N are body. P/J are spirit. And T/F mind or soft and hard metal.

3. I need central Coherence. Aspies doesn’t have that. The word says it all. That it some preconceptions so i don’t keep burning out.

4. I’m not sure between the difference of accuracy and presiscion, but it is important in science and engeniering. There is a video on youtube.

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