Abdul Rahim Murad

My comment:

Wiki: Timothy John Winter (born 1960), also known as Abdal Hakim Murad, is an English academic, theologian and Islamic scholar[5][6] who is a leading proponent of neo-traditionalism….Comment: In Recent raq War Al-Sistani said Sunnies (Or maybe he said ISIS, i think not) are our Shias Souls. I think this is an Eternal Statement Truth, which it’s series stopped ISIS from Destroying The World (and my Iraq). Quickly I saw Neo-Traditionalism is Exclusively Sunni and Sufi. My Mystic-al Friend is Sufi, … I am Shia. I find The Term Shia-Sufi a but strange….Speaking of Neo-Traditionalism. In Typology a “school of thought” called *Neo*-Jungian Academy, started by a kid like I was and this Kid was butting with Carl Jung (i Believe Christian) yet intelligently irresponsible….In Sufism I remember a term; Tazkiat Al-Nafs. The Nafs needs to be Purified, because in The War with ISIS I had to “crawl in their defecation”.

Kilde: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQBDU5gAEJE&lc=UgzPzScfz3dfExx7WUt4AaABAg.9J0Ncs_EK7S9J0RHFJGEON

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