Break your Word in Astrid S comment section

First Comment: it sucks you get like and I don’t, boy or girl I will break your “word”, and your balls if you have any if you ask politely enough. If you are girl (evil girl of course), that’s best so I’ll enjoy it better.

Second Comment: If This Qur’an was revealed onto a mouintain, it would shatter of Fear …. I’m not afraid, i think evil people and Hackers whom manipulate The Qur’an and My Text are Bullies and they will not sit on their Ass …. Haha they think i am their ass when fact is, they don’t wash their Ass Properly (or not). I wash my ass everytime I’m in The Bathroom. As a Royalty. Something unknown for … oooouh … his name can’t be said by me because he (and she) gets scared by hearing how much crap they need to wash away everyday from Their Ass and not their Ass – this hacker. He will submitt. I said: Respect me or Fear me. Respect is a Human Right. Some people are not Humans. Did I say something wrong or hateful?


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