God and Atheism

I’m Muslim, Shia Muslim. Like a battery this video was High on Voltage and Stable but “Digitally” Fell in The End. Atheists seems therefore like Fallen Angels (which is un-islamin to be Angel yet Fallen), added to that non-Christians or Jews


A strongly resistant and opressive person, an ESFP (ESFPs are all “Atheists”, right?), he is a very good person, he converted to Christianity by my influence (not to Islam) because I hate to say it, but I gave him a push. I told him not to convert to Islam, but spesifically Christianity not because “Reality” needs Christians or Muslims (or Jews) but because this is Pure Love and unrequired from me


I’m lucky, being Muslim too, and if Atheists as new religion started to gain steadiness and Stability, The Judeo-Christian Muslim “Family” and Form would become unstable. Christians by far are not helping, or Jews, neither Muslims. This Form is neatly set-up and holds our Humanity together. Please help by following The Set-Up of The World

For clarity; I don’t have a God I believe in Either. I have a Lord. Jesus is a Lord. Allah is The God.

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