Comment to Sayed about Tafweedh: Honorable Sayed. Can I as You a question? Is Chinese Wu Xing Tafweeth acceptable? In my understanding they can be adjusted in minor ways, and radically enhance Islamic Intelligence. … I call myself Royal Guard and Ninja, do you allow me to allow you to talk to East-Eastern Scholars and by-pass their Royal Guards? Because I’m OK for them in Martial Arts and religious knowledge. …. Because I will in court tell them The Short Story if they reject your Romantic Story.

Thank You

Vampyrer og Mentalister – In-Yo (Hva er hva?)

Død er Fysisk Død. Tortur er Fysisk Tortur. … Hvis dere ikke kommer FYSISK når dere plager meg kommer jeg personlig i f.eks. Det hvite Hus og hvis piss ikke var Haram hadde jeg pisset på den og dere FYSISK. …. Aspergere liker ikke å bli tatt på. Det vil si Kongelige Vakter. Gull Edle Aspergere og Autister.

Profeten Muhammed; Submit og be Safe. … E-Fighting er Bullshit jeg ikke forholder meg til. Dere gjør dette mot deres selv.

Lice/Lus, let go to _______ together!

Hi … Just saying Hi .. Since I have to be Realtic I must say like The Zen Monk; “Come Lice, let’s go to ________ together!” … Unrealstic is; “I Love you”. … You can delete this post, and I don’t expect you will or not. But something can be unrealistic. And I … OK 🙂

Haha … There’s a Danger I sound like a Jew. Which I shouldn’t. I’m Muslim inshallah.