Royal Problem

You said: Agree or Disagree.

I Disagreed, you say “thank you for your feed-back”. While i appreciate your thankfulness (though it hurts short-term and long-term too first 30 years, and in the next 30 years in you “wish” πŸ˜› ) I don’t under-stand you. Do you take my Word? Or Not? My Word is The Post you protest against. If you are afraid, that is good πŸ™‚ Pain is Payment for Sins and Elevation. And I hope and Sincerely Pray for you to have a Smooth Journey πŸ™‚ You are my Friend, and I’m Mustafa Al-Saedy (BTW issue One in Support Centere, my Name was/is lunarious … I Believe and Feel it was my Name. Inshallah good)

I’ll put this on my Blog for educational Purposes πŸ™‚ Please be OK about that. I care about good Cops. Corrupt Cops I’ll kill Them, Men and Women as this is about.

Kindly Mustafa Al-Saedy
Penname: Lunarious

After their review of my case: You think you can be Safe from God. You think my Fi (Introverted Feeling) is a not Jugding Function, which acceptably only INFP has … Beyond INFP I’m Asperger, and Iraqi Asperger in Norway.

WW2 started because of Murder (BjΓΈrn said) or simply “shot” on a Prince. Thankfully I’m not a Prince, however Royal Guard. I have utter Faith, increasingly in God.

God says: The Kafirs it is the same for them wheither you warn them or do not warn them (techniqually I don’t threaten) they will not Believe.

Non-Believer is Muslim. Non-Believer and not Muslim, you are unthankful and alone. Polytheism (f.eks. God and Norway, or or or) is The Only Sin that is unforgivable. Trust in God. I will do. If you don’t Fear a Truth, at least don’t clap your hands for Corrupt Cops (Men and Women) whom I’ll kill by Gods Will. Gods Royal Guards has spoken. Can you say or do anything? Please Believe in God the good πŸ™‚ … I don’t like this πŸ™

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