Medieval Ages

I can communicate with a Priest, or my Imam can (he is «my» Imaam). The God Allah heard «his peoples» cry. The Priest can only ask for Mercy for Christians and he himself may be treated better, may not (like Balian asked Saladin, Saladin is not God) … Because I’ve been murder-attempted by Secular Law (which is Loved 🙂 ) … I ask for better conditions for Iraki-Peasants … it is a sad Thing 1 million 1/30 million was murdered in The Last iraq War. Please; Respect Iraq because it had war and turmoil since The World began 7000 or 6000 years ago by our terms. … I am your Friend Mustafa Al-Saedy and I Love … White Females 🙂 Boys too 🙁

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