Macron and Royal Guardianship

This «index» finger of Macron here refers to Air in Godai system. Breaking Wind (fart) is forbidden in Shia Islam, Sunnis too. The index finger is not The Allahu Akbar Finger. Only Allah can be allowed to Break Wind. It is OK he Macron seeks Royal Guardianship of Allah. Some Muslim people are good, some are bad. Some European People are good some are bad. France is in control so long Allah approves. Allah’s hand is over The Group; Sunna are not The Group and They can not Force Shia and Christians to kill eachother. Seriously? … This comment is based on picture. I’ll watch The Video.

Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism is ruining Things. I’ll die for Macrons right to say what he thinks. Hopefully Royal as me; he’ll die for my Right to say what I want. Hijab is good 🙂 Niqab is not approved by Allah or Secular Law. Their flies. Do you know what? I don’t kill anything almost like Mosquitos because they are approved by Sllah. Flies I kill.

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