@AL HAQIQUH ꪜ  Dad. I mean my Biological Dad and him The One whom raised me, I don’t care about false Dads or sons, they say Saddam was a son of Zina. By the “Dads” word; they tried to kill me. In best cases عم يتسائالوان عن النباء العظيم الذين هم فيه مختلفوان In best cases I will grant them (bad people, including Saddam) a peaceful sleep into The Grave (and rebirth). They deserve so. Or they (Dads and sons) should BOW to 1. Allah or 2. Me

Yezn Alziewani ممكن اغتصبك اذا لگيتك گواد (مدير بيت دعارة) … اسجد او اسجد على قولك في دولة ثانية مثل المشهورة المغرب

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