When I was 18 i was in “VK1 Electronics”, and I wanted to study Computer Electronics when that time comes..

The teacher said in regards to Computers that the computers put the binary (and hexadecimal) digits in “drawers” and retrieved them by neccesity.

I did not make the connection that he was talking inclusively about me, a living creature. He was talking about Computers i thought professionally. Afteral, a Human is not a Machine. And Human Science (previously Soft Science) is not Hard Science.

USA and Co. and The Teacher wants to mix Disciplines Hard and Soft, and I think and feel on me that this attitude is very bad.

Police Men are Cross-Disciplinary, is this correct in your experience? I am asking you. I want to say God is not The Police, and yes i respect The Police fervently, and yes God is not Democrasy. If you are a Police-Officer, young and promising sure you can be Cross-Disciplinary. I promised Defensive Weapon. I don’t know which word is correct to describe The Process ..

Jordan Peterson said something about Church separation from State. And this may be unproffesional. I know Police Officer is a Cool title to have. A warrior is acknowledged after time, as if he must write a “Master Oppgave”.

The Bible talks about in proverb 17:26 “It is wrong to punish an innocent person or attack leaders for doing what is right.” …I say: “I will attack “shizophrenic” people with millions”. It looked like there was several low quality proverb in that section of Bible.

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