Public Sex

1. I don’t know The Background. This is new for me.

2. I applaud mexico for their half-good attempt in Leagalising public sexual activity.

3. The second half is The Prophet Muhammed in context does not allow your neighbour (og nestkjærlighet) to be ill in stomach or in fever while you MUSLIMS are abusing Islam. I mean I watched Pornography after seeing this video because I’m Muslim. My plan was originally to Kill Allah, now I realize like Prophet Muhammed i’m weak. With Defensive Weapon awarded by Allah and my Beloved. … I got The Potential. … However, however, people mustn’t wear Hijab or Pray. Some would say He don’t need us. *He who does wear a Hijab or Pray knowing what he says, though is a Royalty in approximity of Allah’s Love, and he can Object on Governmental Fare, because of his Purity of Heart and Body – Qur’an i think chapter 75 – Otherwise they are اجذاع نخلٌ خاوية* … All your Islamic “innovations” and unaccepted Prayer, God will strike you in your Face with them.

Meaning: I or Allah don’t care if people practise Sex publicly, or wear Hijab. I don’t hurt them nor they me. I must lower my Gaze as Believer. When sexual people publically attack me, and they will be bound to, Allah is The Vengful – also Al-Wadud.

4. Dunya is crap. I have not seen good from Muslims or non-Muslims.

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