Contraception and Islam

My dad don’t like Salahuldin al-Ayuubi. So this quote from him is dubious, there’s a Truth in it too! I’m ASD and your fellow youtuber said Halal Zina “inside” the house (i got copy of the insident on my blog 😎). My protest on this and encouraging of Mut3a and Halal Sex got deleted.

Further I want to say as immigrant what France/Norway says: “You give them the little finger, they take the whole hand!” I said Sex is OK, but it must be Halal! And I don’t know how i came to this video, because you moderated away my content previously (Sense Islam did) and I/you unsubscribed me. Or was it The Devil?

Hi Blitz … I’m saying: Do you give me peace to speak? Because i don’t like getting one no, much less no from everyone. I should be known because i’m one of original Aspergers’ … recently i’ve been merged with Autists. Asperger’s don’t have “the last word”. However i can function as Islamic diplomat. I’m also I-NFP aka diplomat in KTS

Generally, I only ask Allah. I’ve been watered out of this mindset because someone (France Saudi Israel) thought they could say NO to Allah. My mom is muslim before being Iraqi. And I’ll kill this France issue Physically. Or they will kill me. They are lucky if they die (Physically).

I don’t understand what you are saying for Real. … I offer you Islam by saying shadada or France and all whom support her actively or passively will suffer.

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