Cinemas in Saudi Arabia

In God’s Name The Merciful x2

amr bil mauroof wa nahi an al-munkar got me thinking. This means command good and forbid evil in common tongue. Linguistically it means command the known and forbid the unknown (maroof means known/charted).

I “think” my Dad here in Norway a welfare-state told me as Kid and Believer i can go to Disco once (once) and observe and learn and see for myself how people are living. As Believer i control myself and lower my gaze by own Souls effort, not by governmental efforts to override me.

However the speaker in The Video (may god bless him too) said Madina is The Prophets and Allah City. I think it should kept such. Not under another King besides Allah.

Allah is The True King. And Al-Sauud (The Saudi Royal Family) are not perfectly Honored by being in Allah’s Servitude. Be in Allah’s servitude. 

Emirates (prince-doms like Monarchies) are not God’s sons and daugters. Physically located in Norway where I am at that is possible, the Christians think they are God’s sons.

In Islam there is no force application, however God’s sanctity and that is mentioned eariler should not be violated.

And thank God for everything

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