Uyhgurs and Al-Kafiruun

I’m thinking along chapter al-kafiruun (( The Prophet is told to say: “For you disbelievers your religion and for me mine”. I respect Chinese tradition and culture as Muslim. I think Uyghurs should be layed on the ground and Prayed upon as a foundation. Or they could join Muslim forces.

Because God says: “And whoever turns his back to them on such a day, unless swerving [as a strategy] for war or joining [another] company, has certainly returned with anger [upon him] from Allah, and his refuge is Hell – and wretched is the destination.”

I’ve been layed on The Ground for years by for example Joacim or BB because they think i want to colonize their country (Norway) as Muslim. I need to show peacefulness. Because we need to do things PHYSICALLY.

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