Bi-File superman

In God’s Name The Merciful x2

Thank you for involving me in this (what do you think about this incident?). Please involve me and if you don’t this proves my point. I think i’m (me) non-practising bi-file. Super-Man and spider-man etc are also non-practising Bi-file. Both had trouble with the person they love, they were close yet far away*. Like Clark Kent and Louise. Allah is close yet far away and responds the call of a servant when the servant supplicates. In my humble opinion as follower of Imam Ali, I can not understand how Ali (pbwh) is not Angelic or Royal/Regal in his behaviour and presence. … Exposure to videoes reduces our posession of Nothingness. Buddha and Females are Nothing, a Man is something. Super-Man and Spider-Man is a *Nothing yet intellelligent and this is God knows Angel.¬†

One question: Can non muslims summon God? Supplicate to God?


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