Fire, Wood and Metal – Cutters

Note to self: By cutters i mean Defensive Stance Cutters and Ko-Kutsu Dachi.

Wrestler = Switch in Norway. In Iraq is a Joke; “Switch are you and Switch are me, and Switch is he whom plays with us“. So The King is surrounded by loyal switches seeming unpenetrable strong Woods. But Metal can Cut through Wood, though Wood is Strong – therefore Joackim is More my friend than he is friend with Erik. Joackim INSULTED me 😛 (didn’t feel that, try again) … I will use Joackim for Cutting purpouses of Wooden people 😎

Erik (Wood Tiger) and Joacim (Metal Dragon) forced me to seek air off of The Car said Doctor. Because they took away Clean Air from the car. I (Fire Tiger) should melt Joackim Down as I Fire eat Wood and Destroy Metal. I will not ask Joacim for a service, I will ask for a compensation for what I’ve been tru and done.

J and K does BJJ, and 1 from 10 knocked out neck is good for me. Cutters is the way that was and will be. Allah only can prevent this.

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