Arm and Penis, and Castration

You said: “And it (mastectomi)is brutal – a process that often includes not only the aforementioned mastectomies but other appalling surgical processes: orchiectomy (that’s castration, in blunter language), the removal of the uterus, the demolition of the musculature of the forearm to make what is not a penis but must be referred to as such – all of that.”

In reply: Islam allows Castration and this is complicated, there are people whom can advocate it; 60% of Americans castrate themselves even Atheists because statistically this isi a Beneficial Practise ~ Martial Arts Planet 2005

Ayan Ali Hirsi is one such person whom i see as tired of Castration of Females vagina and such. Castration of female is totally a misunderstand widespread in Somali territory where Pirates thrive etc. Male castration is divinely decreed by Allah, and i’ve heard before about relationship between Penis and Forearm and the same person who said it tried to kill me physically and mentally but it is false.

I can refer to Karate about a certain Karate figure whom “lifted stones” as young and became a Legend in Karate, ask certified Karate instructors. I myself can remember The Sensei looked at my Posture and strength as young Castrated person. And that later I was praised for my stance.

Peace, thank you

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