Deep Water and Fire on The Mountain in The Hermits Camp – Commited to Decent by USA and Norway etc. Challenge to Fight/Help

Deep Water and Fire on The Mountain in The Hermits Camp – Commited to Decent by USA and Norway etc. Challenge to Fight/Help

Bythos (Depth) IMO is not feminine. INFPs with Fi dom with their “Feeling” being Introverted aka directed inward means they are not Broad (yet) but Deep as a Whell like underground Water. Feeling = Water.

Soon by age 30 (more precisely like me now and Jesus 33 years age) Ne is developed which equals Broadness (opposite than Depth or Bythos) – a Fire that Burns every disobedient liar, the Duty of a Demiurge.

I do not fear Death for I am good. And only bad-boys and girls fear Death and are disobedient liars. For I know I’m a set of Nerves that registers pain and pleasure, and that I’m Empty. And I’ll never die. For I have drunk The Elixir of Immortality as it is called in Taoist (I think it is essentially Internal) Religion.

But I’m undoubtedly not The One.

I wont become Shizophrenic (whatever that is) or Hallucinate and has never before. I am The Demiurge which is New and sustain and create Reality. People WILL not cross Allah’s red lines and for example try to compete against The Qur’an Destructively trying to Murder Believers and Muslims. No One can compete against Allah. He is The Only God. And Only a God can kill another God. Allah is The Eternal. The One. The One before anything was and after nothing will be. His command is Be – and it is.

People WILL acknowledge weakness and inferiority and start “asking” Allah for help and Worshipping Him. Or go to Hell Eternally. Submission is not a request, it’s a choise for you. But you can not chose to Fight against Allah.

Shio Tai Tsuki

Shio Tai Tsuki – som ser ut som en mini Kata

Da vi var i Nanbudo Klubben fortalte de at de 3 elementene i denne bevegelsen som skjer flytende er:

  1. Blokkering (Jeg kaller denne Jord / hardt)
  2. Angrep (Jeg kaller denne vann / mykt)
  3. Støt (Napp på hunde-båndet)

Dette er som et Japansk Sverd Katana.

Du ser i blokkeringen de bruker rygg (RYGG) musklaturen til å holde formen, spesielt ved hikite.

I islam sier vi det skader ryggraden å runke. I Knia heter det det reduserer din Qi og gjør deg en ikke-intern Kamp Sport utøver. Dette gjør deg ikke til ekstern Kamp Kunstner. Dette gjør deg til en “danser”:

“Are we Humans, or are we Dancers?”

Fire and Water

Letter to a moderator in a Facebook Group, regarding The Conflict between me and The Group’s Founder Meghan.

Conserning Meghan – Important!

Do you know about Hexagrams? From Yi Ching from China, a Spiritual Book. Spirituality as you were moot about – can be taught. But. I will not teach unworthy people about it in a way they will not under-stand me. INFPs are the most misunderstood. INFPs are Angels, at least Believers in God/Logos and their Feelers controlled by Words because they are iNtuitives. In youtopiaproject INFPs are graphically depicted as Angels and named accordingly.

I’ve realized through Spiritual Refinement I’m a Fire Type – as Keirsey calls NFs Fire Temperament. Meghan if she is also is NF, an unconfused on, she will not Fight me. Why? Because when two Fires meet, they become one Bigger Fire (still different individuals, which is Fire, or even Earth which is different). However, when Fire meets Water, they kill eachother, they evaporate. Again however, when Water meets Water, they also like Fire (but different than Fire) join eachother.

So I need to not be “contained”, or be self-contained a cold-war term and I refuse to submit to Meghan for she is not near being Allah and she is over-riding me, a Man, which is not beneficial for me or her. And there is nothing I can do about this. The only time something will happen, if she do not Soften Up (to they Sky) and evaporate as Water Temperament as she thinks she is, for colliding with me Fire/Earth (Fire+Earth = Lava) – is when I get fatter than I have become since 10 years back, and then I will be really ugly for her and she will finally have matured after Sinning alot and then she will too be ugly and old.

It is unfair Sinners / Wrongdoers get to enjoy life, and enjoy torturing Virgin Men and “Bathing in their blood” – for seeking immortality even to the degree of selling their Soul to The Devil. Am I’m not bleeding but a Sword. I’m getting beaten up unconcious by a Thugs Baseball Bat.


Mitt bidrag om Minfulness:

På norsk heter Mindfulness opp-merk som-het (oppmerksomhet). Vi sier: «Se opp!» Med en munter toneleie, når vi spøker med hverandre og ler fordi vi er glade. Jeg tenker på ditt tideligere innlegg: «de nyttige unyttige». Når man bøyer ryggen bakover fordi man ser opp og øver på fleksibilitet i «kjernen/ryggen» er det fordi det er direkte motsatt av hvordan Muslimene ber. Hvordan Muslimene ber er en treningsform (spirituellt først og fremst).

De Troende gjør ikke oppmerksomhet, De gjør konsentrasjon. Og visualiserer i sitt indre øye «Det Tredje Midterste Elementet» som i en tre-klang i gitar heter: «Ters». Som i helsekost heter 3dje som Vitamin D3 og Vitamin K3. Som de Tre Religionene våre; Islam, Jødedom og Kristendom.

Islam er Tersen, og hvis du vil ha Vitamin D3 og Vitamin K3 må du; 1. Be 2. Konsentrere deg når du ber 3. Trene. Det vil se hvis du vil bli en Mester, må de trene 3×8 timer. Ikke sove 8 timer. Ikke sosialisere 8 timer. Og ikke jobbe 8 timer. Slacker du blir du ingen Mester.

Du er hva du konstant gjør.

The Third Way

In God’s – Allah’s – Name The Beneficent The Merciful

Imam Ja’far The Truthful: If people knew the benefit of knowing Allah, they wouldn’t strech their eyes to what Allah caused their enemies to enjoy – from The Flower of The ‘Lower Life’ (دُنيا) and its pleasures, and their Lower Life (attachment) would be less than what they step on with their feet.

The Bright Side:

My Sister told me about this article. I can’t read the whole article because I don’t subscribe to Aftenposten, here:

It is about two brothers from Iraq that came to Norway in 1990, they are both about 15 y.o., and people have sent many many complaints about them to The Police, neigbours have/wanted to move away from their neighbourhood, they have been sought by other criminals, …. eventually becoming two of The Worst young criminals. Both The Police and Norwegian Child Service fear they could become Killers, or get killed. 

I think if The Government would look at The Bright Side and also light a candle in The Darkness around these kids, and all other kids, not cursing The Darkness, The Prognosis would be better. We are all Humans and Brothers and Sisters, and Equals, and we deserve Love and respect and to enjoy a good life, not as others choose for us but as we choose for our selves. We have Free Will, and under ‘normal’ circumstances There is No Force (Wiki: Force can also be described intuitively as a push or a pull), and there is contrary kindness.

The Third Way and Non-Dualism

Tony Blair said in Wikipedia article The Third Way: “My kind of socialism is a set of values based around notions of social justice. […] Socialism as a rigid form of economic determinism has ended, and rightly”.

Allah says: “And thus we have made you a just community that you will be witnesses over the people and the Messenger will be a witness over you. And We did not make the qiblah which you used to face except that We might make evident who would follow the Messenger from who would turn back on his heels. And indeed, it is difficult except for those whom Allah has guided. And never would Allah have caused you to lose your faith. Indeed Allah is, to the people, Kind and Merciful.”

I a hopfully Believer say: I try Very Hard to be a practising Muslim, following The Prophet Muhammed – Bowing to Allah toward Mecca. Following The Natural Way, as Muslim-opressive China did historically (1/5 of China are Muslims today). I do this because I want to and because it is Natural, not imposed on me, because it is my Free Will granted by God. Other people who don’t Believe in God, or Believe to a lesser degree, also have Free Will. Harsh as it sounds, they are also Chaotic and causing disorder when put in command because they don’t know how to rule Harmonously. By all means, Sin and be good Muslims or bad Muslims or Christians or Jews or other things, but do not cross Allah’s red lines. If you go behind Allah’s (if you think he is enemy) lines, he is vengful, he is also Merciful.

Show Mercy to others that Allah might show you Mercy.

Peace and Thank God

Center and Purpouse

My Friend Andreas, his name should mean ‘Man’ coming from greek Andreia which is one of the four cardinal virtues, it means Courage. My name is Chosen translated from Arabic. I think of him as I write this, he had (will again have?) a Soldier background and I had (will again have?) Warrior Background. I’m INFP and he’s INTJ. My xxFP (Warrior), and his xxTJ (Soldier) are called purpouse. Our INxx is our ‘center’, being we are both Fighting Dreamers.

I think J’s (as INTJ) are ‘overprotected’ especially sexually after teen age, with an Iron Hand and they do get Catharsis, boyfriends and girlfriends but there are “laws/norms” which scares them from this. I used to be ISTJ before TPH as kid, a J, and I was totally prohibited from mastrubating or using ‘Vulgar Technique’. As Sensory (S) I relied on “The Third Leg”, iNtuitives rely on Logos, which is why Andreas has gotten fat.

Hard skills & Soft skills

Employers often use the term “soft skills” as a catch-all for everything that’s not considered a core, cognitive ability related to a job (like writing code for a programmer or running data analysis for a marketer). Those soft skills might include everything from creativity to collaboration to punctuality, and they’re increasingly important as our work changes in the face of automation and artificial intelligence.

AI will radically reorient the nature of all work. The emotional economy that emerges will be dependent on workers who have the skills to utilize their unique “human” talents. Moreover, those specific talents, broadly encompassed by the idea of soft skills, will become the most sought after abilities by employers over the next half decade. In fact, our economy is already tilting more toward a reliance on social and service skills.


These abilities will be vitally important to competing in the future economy, yet the United States is in the back half of OECD nations when it comes to soft skill proficiency. That’s a problem, because 44% of executives say lack of soft skills is the biggest gap in the U.S. workforce. So what exactly are soft skills? And how can employers hire for them and encourage their development?


Skjerting og Sjengel

En Skjerting (Skjer Ting) er Fienden til en Sjengel (Engel). En Sjengel er veldig sterk, og skal straffe deg hvis du ikke Skjerter og sier ting som; “Jeg ber Allah om tilgivelse” … og at du gjør gode ting og er Moralsk. For en Sjengel leder ved å gjøre å ikke-gjøre, og tenke å ikke-tenke, så når du Sjerter som en en Sjerting og Ting Skjer, mister Sjengelen sin Kraft. Fordi Sjengelen er god og vil at du skal gjøre gode ting.

Me or You

In 2009 (I’ve said this many times) I decided to take up the battle against the Health Department, for the Death I was escaping would eventually catch me.

My choice was to;

  1. die with honor, or
  2. die without honor
  3. live without honor. 
    I chose A Good Death. And immediately within days I was sent on my Journey which unto this day keeps on unfolding as A Balanced person, whom takes responsibility for himself and in no way sick as was The Health Departments rationalization. Possibly because they are Christians and Jews, and Allah warns us about them. The Health Department insisted that I yield, but I do not practice «The Gentle Art» or «The Art of Yielding», The Soft Art. I was before being brought back to lifeby force; a Hard Martial Artist as I had killed my nerves and died. I had dead nerves. I was an External Martial Artist – as is Karate. … Repeatedly I was exposed to Soft Arts which (Juicy Turkey comes to mind) I under normal circumstances would have avoided, but They used Hard Force to enforce this humiliation and pain on me. They whispered into my ear as the Devil does, and prevented me from Fleeing to Allah. They took away my Human Right. They forced me to Sin, becasuse «We are all sinners».

Approximately 10.4.2020 Erik called me on the Phone and still didn’t want to apologize for being «Unbalanced» rebell (Ju Jutsu) repeatedly thowing his weight one me, where his partner apologized, and he still wanted to use «My Force Against Myself» which his the Soft way. So, when the Hard offense way had failed him, he resorted to the Soft Way. Erik said that we should talk again (which he ha requested and not requested before), and he said that; «I thought you had a kind heart?». He wanted to use my kindness to screw me, like WTF? I told him, I can’t help him anymore … I don’t have the heart or the body for it anymore after giving you all Personell 7 years of unconditional Love where I got only SHIT back.

Erik Had two choises:

  • Go to the Mosque with Head Raised High, because I am not Allah, he can ask Allah for help, him like every Human.
  • Get fired (By The House Manager) and possibly never work with patients again (Quite a luxurious job)
  • Go to Church In Humility and Inferiority to Allah – The Lord of The Worlds
    Erik wanted to have Head Raised High. So be it. … I want to make sure that after The Compulsory Treatment (Breaking me actually) Erik does not «get away» with doing this, and especially evil Doctors and Nurses (The Health Departnebt) whom are the Reason for all this to happen to people like me, and myself. I told KK, Believers (Allahs Believers) are above the Rest of Humanity. They mocked me. But the house I’m living in has been successfully Purified and the Walls Isolated against «warmth» (Extroversion?) and I’m willing to Invert the Situation and Sedate The Evils of The Health Department with wamth, and take work for myself; and killing my Nerves again if that is possible. But I am getting old now.

  • Erik is like Mushu, a little snake, he says: “Me or you”.

Sword Smith

Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq: “Accept what Allah has dealth you, and do not look to what is in posession of other, and do not wish what you can’t achieve.”

Comment: Like I am “bad cop” (a gentleman) and mara is a “good cop” (also a gentleman) should not wish eachother’s roles. Not your roles in The Open Forum either. For everone their Role – it is unfair Muslims/Cops should be ill treated and set up against eachother.

For example: I promised Norwegian Police I’d create a Defensive Weapon (Katana is a so-called Defensive Weapon) and this makes a Sword Smith. The Police (buyers of my Sword) and The Health Department (Those whom’ll be intimidated and set straight by The Police) must Humbly ask for my expertice and any Muslims expertise.

Swords are created and imbued with Magical properties, ass adding The Blood of The Weilder (Police and Health Department) – Where Scientifically The Blood would contain minerals and “The Soul” of The Weilder because for a Samurai The Sword is his Soul. The Inferior Function is called “Soul” or Anima/Animus and is crucial for The Person-ality.

However, not all types are Samurai. An ESTJ could be a Samurai, but I INFP am his “Soul”.

Christians call themselves Believers, and They Equate Themselves to Muslim Believers. Believers are free men though they can’t avoid Life’s Suffering which is obligatory – They must chose between being ‘A Sword’ (A Word / Logos aka God) and ‘a Soldier’. 

A Christian Soldier or Muslim Sword.

I’ve been Forced to become a Soldier where in fact I’m/was a Dead Sword. I’m Both. I’m after The Imam (and Priest?) Allah’s representative and Must be respected. I do not ask you. I ask only Allah and Worship him.

Tao Te Ching 55:
His bones are soft, his muscles weak,
But his grasp is firm.

The Covered:
O you who covers himself [with a garment], Arise and warn

The Chambers:
Indeed, those who lower their voices before the Messenger of Allah – they are the ones whose hearts Allah has tested for righteousness. For them is forgiveness and great reward. [Right Now you have raised your voice by Isolating me (and mara) in Perdition and not regretted that. Therefore you transgressed and will be punished.]

And I will kill Trump Softly (This means he won’t Live and Won’t die). I’m a very Hard Martial Artist and am a Sharp Sword. I’ve been imbued with Soft Martial Art or Metal Now and My Defensive Weapon (Katana) has been accomplished – which I vowed to offer The Police against specifically The Health Department.