Frisk og Rask

Knut er snill, sier jeg som Hersketeknikk. Han er flink.

Han sa til Fastlegen når vi var der, derhvor han gikk inn med meg på TVANG: “Mustafa har alltid hatt dårlig balanse”. Jeg klarte ikke å svare på dette adekvat for dette har ikke vært Tema for meg (nesten). Men nå vet jeg hva jeg skal si til Dommeren.

Jeg gikk inn på Sykehus som jeg sa på Avhør på Dikemark i 2009: “Jeg er ikke Frisk og Rask. Jeg er Frisk men ikke Rask”. Politimannen lo. Og hvis jeg går ut er det fordi: “1. Jeg suksessfult lager Defensivt Våpen til Politiet (som Lovet i 2009) mot Helsevesenet og at jeg går ut av dette Livet i drapsforsøket til Helsevesenet på meg. 2. Jeg lager Defensivt Våpen og overlever drapsforsøket dems på meg. 3. Jeg havner i forvaring? Fengsel. Men det går vel ikke. Dere har fått sjansen i begynnelsen av 2009.

Som jeg sa i 2009: “Kjappt og enkelt (Dame). Effektivt (Allah). Fryktløst og destruktivt (Mann).”

Haha! Jeg har tydeligvis fått oppreisning hver gang jeg sloss-defensivt. Det er liksom det finnes to typer “kjærlighet”: “1. Lengsel 2. Fruisjon”.

Dvs. Jeg er en Tung Soldat med mye hitpoints og Treg altså, men jeg er Var Frisk og også med god balanse. Jeg var elegant som en katt, som er Aspergere.

INFP superpower


INFPs are known for their strong moral compass and their authentic, compassionate nature. They will not stray into morally ambiguous waters and they will lead with honesty and kindness. They will work tirelessly in the defense of the downtrodden, the outcasts, or the beliefs they stand for. They are passionate, imaginative, and true to their values and ideals.

Famous INFPs With This Ability: Joan of Arc, J.R.R. Tolkien, Hans Christian Andersen, John Milton

Fikse andre, eller fikse selv

Han: Unnskyld Mustafa. Det var feil av meg. Beklager så mye


OK. Det går bra. Men ikke alt som er “dyrt” er godt, og ikke alt som er “billig” (som mine ting du kastet) er dårlig. Det er vanskelig å finne godt og billig men mine ting fikk jeg av moren min, det er bra.

Smerte er bra når man mentalt setter pris på det, som jeg oppsøkte ære på sykehus og satte pris på den Teen jeg fikk av moren min, og Psykologen sa: “Mustafa, du må oppsøke glede, du må ikke oppsøke smerte”. Og Kris oppsøker smerte også, utfordring, utfordringer er bra men problemet er hvis det blir mye av det. Vi kan også øke vår ‘kapasitet’.

Vi må la vår glede være å oppleve smerte for å glede andre mennesker. Da får vi glede og “gåsehud” av nærhet. Det er ikke galt. Vi må IKKE bare ta ansvar for oss selv og bare vi rydder etter oss, OG det er også viktig å “lede ved eksempel” og rydde etter oss.

Hva kommer først, høna eller egget? Må vi rydde catre andre først, eller cater oss selv først? Svaret er andre først, og deretter før eller siden oss selv også lede ved eksempel og bli noen ledere.

Hard Martial Arts and Soft Martial Arts

I seek Refuge in God
In Gods Name The Benificient The Merciful

There’s a man called Christoffer, a Nurse where I’m living, he comes twice thrice a week and work with me as personell. He seems like my friend. He does BJJ and is a Soft Martial Artist. BJJ is called; “The art of yielding”. However it is also The Most Physically Effective Martial Art in One-to-One.

When you are Hard, a Hard Martial Artist like me you are “Very Manly and Tough”.

I told him, let’s do a “subbing” (he called it). I hit you once VERY Hard, and you hit me back … VERY Soft, this is because you are a Soft Martial Artist. He accepted. I struck him an elbow strike, with the left hand, gently, and shook him off the Ground – which happens by elbow/knee strike.

I joke with him all The Time in a verbally superior way (as Men do) and he’s yielding, and I told him something my mother told me about “a Very Soft (kind/appearently kind)” Qi Gong woman: “She is acting inferior to get The Overhand”. So, you Christoffer can Not Joke back with me, and you can Not not-joke back with me. You can only do what you do: “The Art of Yelding – BJJ”.

63:6 It is all the same for them whether you ask forgiveness for them or do not ask forgiveness for them; never will Allah forgive them. Indeed, Allah does not guide the defiantly disobedient people.

Tiger Fist

I and Christoffer and our friend Imre had a lesson in The Car, where Chiefly/Mainly (from French Mano) I spoke and told Them about Mr. Myiagis lesson to Daniel-San and Tiger Fist, and Buddhas Palm

Qur’an 56:7 And you become [of] three kinds:

Right: Tiger Fist (Possibly in fact Tiger Kung Fu):
Middle: Crush like grape:
Left: Buddhas Palm:

قول: شكرا لالله

انا عندما انتهي من الصلاة افعل كبعض الناس من التعقيبات ان اشكر الله 4 مرات و اكرر هذا مرتان ليس مرة كي يستوعب عقلي اني اشكر الله. و على ما اشكره؟ اشكره على تهذيبي بالصلاة لان الله قال: “الصلاة تنهى عن الفحشاء و المنكر و استعينوا بالصبر و الصلاة انها كبيرة الا على الخاشعين – و كي اخشع اكرر شكري مرتان و اعيد الكرة. فاكر و لا افر. بان استثمر وقت في الله. عندما كنا نسجد للمعلم في الكراتة كنا نقول باليباني: “بك نسجد يا استاذ، او فيك نسجد”. فالمومن و الانسان ياتي من الله، يقطع السبيل بالله، و يعود بالله.

قال الامام علي انا لا اتكلم عن عرفاني حرصا على ان لا يتهمي المسلمون بالشرك – فيعلم المتعلم و يعرض عنه الجاهل. قال الله: “فذكر ان نفعت الذكرى سيذكر من يخشى و يتجنبها الاشقاء، الذي يصلا النار الكبرى ثم لا يموت فيها و لا يحيى، قد افلح من تزكى و ذكر اسم ربه و صلا بل تؤثرون الحيات الدنيا و الاخرة خير و ابقى، ان هذا لفي الصحف الاولا صحف ابراهيم و موسى”.

فانا اريد حقي كمجاهد من اكفال الدولة بي اجتماعيا و قال الحديث 72 حور ععين من حقي و انا استشهدت فعلايا عقليا و جسديا بالضرب المبرح، و لم يرحمني احد، و لا يجحد باياتنا الا الكافرون (الذين يريدونني ان انضم لهم و اكفر) لان بدون حقي سوف اكفر و حقي او العدالة هي ان اجازي العين بالعين اي 10 سنين سجن او اجبار للمستشفى ان لم يبكوا خوفا من عذاب الله و يرسلوا سحابة الى العراق و لبنان (باسترقاق قلبهم… او البكاء) فحق القول عليهم و انا كلمتي واحدة اما بشيرا للمومنين او نذيرا للكافرين و المشركين.

لكن قال الامام علي: “سلبت مني الخلافة و هي حقي القانوني و الشرعي فاخذها فلان و فلان، و ان شئت لقلبت الدنيا فوق حدر و اشعلت نار الحرب بين المسلمين، لكن حفاضا على السلام لا افعل”. و انا كمومن باسم امير المونين اكمل المسيرة على نهج ال البيت و سنة الله، فلما اغفر للانسان الذي يتحدى الله علنية نرويجي او امريكي او ترامب؟

فلا خوف على مسلم او مومن لان الامام مهدي لا يحتاج الى ان ينصره احد ليعلم الحق فانا لن اهجم لكن سوف ادافع، و كما قلت انت شيخ محمود بان الجهاد المسموح به هو الدفاع اي التقوى

و الحمد لالله رب العالمين

Yi Ching – Consulting The Oracle about my Armour

I got: And I slightly disagree with The Relating Hexagram. Because it says baby steps, small increments. I’ve never done “small”, and as Ram never progressed until I symbolically and physically was “murder attempted” by The Health Department and government as Whole.

So now like Mulan, like a Phoenix, I’m reborn from The Ashes (Burnt-out Fire) … and appearently I need to start again, within others nature, but I need help for that! My Psychologist keeps a distance from me, the world does – and shoots arrows at me extinguishing my Fire AGAIN and I’m already burnt-out and bored-out. I’ll force The Emperor to give me “The Most Trusted Seal” as Mulan – I’ll force Serve. I’m telling my Brother, whom is very Trusted by Norway when he Critisizes me: “I’ll Serve from my flying carpet, The Air Force, The Kami-Kaze Chikara (Divine-Wind Power) – as Aladin does by The Power of Ahlulbayt (Prophets Progeny) Imam Ja’far The Truthful”.

Like my Fire, added to my Psychologist and worlds and Polices Fire creats a; bigger Fire. I’m like, tempted to not shift myself to Water (Mulan says: Should I ask myself in The Water, what a warrior with Armour would do? All I know without Armour it’s harder, to be Loyal, Brave and True.

And that said; I’m Allahs weak servant, weak as in disobeys him sometimes.

Loneliness and Lightning – Thor. Screaming for Water in an Ocean of Water

In Gods Name The Beneficient The Merciful
I was just reading in todays Magazine in Dagbladet about that, approximately 16 people everyday try to kill themselves in Norway, try – to do Hara-Kiri in the ocean of Rain which Norway and USA can give to Iraq and Deserted/Dry Lands, because like my Zen Teacher Genkaku critisized me, which was a HARD lesson: “Youre screaming for water in an Ocean (OCEAN is also the most prominent Psychological Method today)! Stop screaming – he meant.” And Sufi Steven said it litterally. Warriors of Light have no excuzes. These two Monks were good people, these two Teachers.
I said Deserted Lands. And OCEAN (Rain/Water cycle) Lands … Hopefully I have not Deserted my Nation and Humanity and that I’m doing as Allah and The Prophet Muhammed wants me to do, that I give Water from what Allah has given me to The People for Free as Islam is Free. And giving back a Hot Sun (a Defensive Weapon) from Iraq to Norway (and USA) creating a Peaceful Sunny atmosphere as Islam means submission – and also peace. I’m also a Submitter, hopefully if Allah accepts a Believer which my actions and words reflect. As I’m Psychologically yielding INFP in tests online and according to what I understand of this stuff. An INFP is called in “Mediator” and other Places “Healer”. Cool 8): “Chosen is a Medical Ninja!”
I’m Statically strong as a Shaolin Warrior Monk is. A Ninja. About loneliness; When I was in school starting from second grade in Norway, I was pushed back becoming Defensive and lonely, I was constantly alone and have not hugged so many people not my mother or father nearly, and am nearly a Virgin (all women don’t want to have their sins erased). Simultaneously I was balancing my loneliness with Offensiveness in order to be Neutral and Natural, not Evil and Hard as a Rock, and not complain, and I became Hard as a Rock and did not complain or do mistakes. And I haven’t done mistakes. And I’ll forgive The Women – and Men – The Sinners, for repulsing me away from them because they were and are EXTREMLY Humanoid and uncivilized. The Pure can’t be with The Impure on equal terms. The Impure made me Defensive and lonely, tortured me, and finally murder attempted me several times – The Last time The Police was witness, otherwise The Health Department has as we say in Iraq “lonelified with me” and The Police don’t intervene because they according to Law can’t. And both attack me, erode me, in The Water Cycle.
However. What have I done wrong? Am I not a Norwegian Political Refugee? It is not how I could be so patient upon The Health Department’s and also The Police’s BULLSHIT. But how YOU can play with your shit and revel in your dumpings 24/7.
Warm and Sunny Regards- Royal Guard


In Gods Allahs Name The Beneficient The Merciful

700 soldiers and until 70 years (in my life) in my Defensive Weapon under Imam Mehdi nr. 701. The Law – Then Law.

I’ve created a Defensive Weapon against The Health Department and put my Art in The Hands of The Police as I told them this word by word in The End of 2009 and I have kept my word and deviated less than rarely, I’m not a Prophet. I’m an Assasin as I also said, and that I have many behind me, and that I do not leave my enemy catch me sitting in meditation/prayer and I pray and meditate occasionally. If I do not do this, and I have done, then I am not Man Son of a Man. My word is after Allah: The Law.

In Gaustad Hospital I said: “I’ll keep helping you, although you are hurting me, even if I become 60 or 67 years old”. And that: “I need 699 soldiers from Norway, to be Apostles and Enforce Allahs Law on Earth, I’ll be their Leader nr. 700”. My mother says I must be under Imam Mehdi. I said: “Done”. He is nr. 701 (above me).

If you, anyone, don’t Believe in Allah and his Angels. Then you can mean that and I take your word for that. However, what am I? I’m not Human Species, because Humans always leave me alone, unless I need food and bite their neck – as now. I’m also not murderer, I’m just a Man Son of Man. They say that I’ve threatened Tøyen DPS with murder. I don’t threaten. I warned them. My word is The Law. If we check The Facts, I called The Police and honorably stated my Warning against someone from The Health Department I didn’t say Tøyen DPS initially. The Police officer refused to interrogate me further because I was kind, and he sensed that – I didn’t lie and he didn’t lie. Polar Bears don’t eat Pinguins As fact. And Allah tells Angels (including Lucifer a Jinnie) to bow to Adam. So If I’m not Angel and have never been, not Human, Then I’m a Jinnie or Lucifer. Or lets say a Hell Angel (not the MC stuff). And you The Health Department have murder attempted me, and The Police haven witnessed that, so if according to you I can’t get Married as “Evil Aspies” are invalidated and “Good Aspies” are offered by Human Law a reasonable life – Then I’ll change Human Law. If you resist, I will demand blood for blood. I will not kill you, but kill all your women and every woman in The World. I will put an end to you. You start fight, but Allah ends them. The Police will help me, making Trump and my Psychologist cry of Fear of Allah. Cry a rain cloud to the poor. If They don’t cry, I will not allow them to live or die. If The Police don’t help me, Allah will, just wait for it. And i’ll spare 72 women to have for myself and do like Tom Cruise in the movie The Last Samurai.

Good Luck and Thank Allah The Lord of The Worlds