Khabib and Female on UFC showgirls

My Andalusian friend does BJJ – wrestling and MMA. He told me men are intelligent and women are emotional (or beautiful). Protesting I responded;

– Women are like Buddha, they are Nothing and a good Human Being.

+ Men are not intelligent (or strong) by Fitra, they are also Nothing….

The Man works outside, and The Woman works inside. It is Harder to work outside, therefore the Mans inheritance is 2/3.

Imam Sadiq said Humans needs 3 Things (in Paranthesis is my opinion):

1. Security (Law/Police)

2. Justice (Man)

3. Welfare (Woman)

Cinemas in Saudi Arabia

In God’s Name The Merciful x2

amr bil mauroof wa nahi an al-munkar got me thinking. This means command good and forbid evil in common tongue. Linguistically it means command the known and forbid the unknown (maroof means known/charted).

I “think” my Dad here in Norway a welfare-state told me as Kid and Believer i can go to Disco once (once) and observe and learn and see for myself how people are living. As Believer i control myself and lower my gaze by own Souls effort, not by governmental efforts to override me.

However the speaker in The Video (may god bless him too) said Madina is The Prophets and Allah City. I think it should kept such. Not under another King besides Allah.

Allah is The True King. And Al-Sauud (The Saudi Royal Family) are not perfectly Honored by being in Allah’s Servitude. Be in Allah’s servitude. 

Emirates (prince-doms like Monarchies) are not God’s sons and daugters. Physically located in Norway where I am at that is possible, the Christians think they are God’s sons.

In Islam there is no force application, however God’s sanctity and that is mentioned eariler should not be violated.

And thank God for everything

Tverrfaglig Kompetanse og Valuta

Tverrfaglig kompetanse er noe jeg ønsker, da skulle jeg hatt veiledere i de forskjellige emnene jeg begir meg uti.

Da blir jeg/vi aktive aktører og spillere i dette livet og gleder oss ikke til neste gang jeg skal spille musikk for meg, men er glade hele tiden og “går fra gren til gren” som en _N_P. Jeg er INFP inshallah.

Det er en utfordring å ha “Tom Hånd” likevel mange baller i lufta.

Veiledere har større sjanse for Generøsitet enn de mindre dannede enn dem. Generøsitet er på et vis ubetinget gavmildhet. Hvem er det motsatte av Generøs? Problemet er hvis du er Generøs mot han.

Sheikh Hamza Yousef … Han sier mange gode Ting, likevel sier moren hvorfor krever Zaytuna College som han driver penger imot utdannelse innenfor Islam? Islam er Gratis.

Angående insentiver som fysiske penger er det snakk idag Kryptovaluta. Kris er for Kryptovaluta, jeg begynner å tro at verden blir mer Digitalisert og teknologisk. Vi har likevel god tid, vi må passe på å ikke late.

Det kommer en Dag snart…

Hyklerene (ikke Kafirer) pr. dags dato har “private samtaler” mentalisering og sånn – J i MBTI. Og når jeg ber om å få litt godhet får Ingenting.

En dag skal de tynnes. Og Helvette (og Paradis) kommer stadig nærmere.

Bortsett fra han Allah viser nåde.

Contraception and Islam

My dad don’t like Salahuldin al-Ayuubi. So this quote from him is dubious, there’s a Truth in it too! I’m ASD and your fellow youtuber said Halal Zina “inside” the house (i got copy of the insident on my blog 😎). My protest on this and encouraging of Mut3a and Halal Sex got deleted.

Further I want to say as immigrant what France/Norway says: “You give them the little finger, they take the whole hand!” I said Sex is OK, but it must be Halal! And I don’t know how i came to this video, because you moderated away my content previously (Sense Islam did) and I/you unsubscribed me. Or was it The Devil?

Hi Blitz … I’m saying: Do you give me peace to speak? Because i don’t like getting one no, much less no from everyone. I should be known because i’m one of original Aspergers’ … recently i’ve been merged with Autists. Asperger’s don’t have “the last word”. However i can function as Islamic diplomat. I’m also I-NFP aka diplomat in KTS

Generally, I only ask Allah. I’ve been watered out of this mindset because someone (France Saudi Israel) thought they could say NO to Allah. My mom is muslim before being Iraqi. And I’ll kill this France issue Physically. Or they will kill me. They are lucky if they die (Physically).

I don’t understand what you are saying for Real. … I offer you Islam by saying shadada or France and all whom support her actively or passively will suffer.

Nakedness and Pedophilia

I disrespect Western unislamic people for being inable to preform Hajj while infact this what they are doing (Children Show) is Islam. Believers should lower their gaze, so I did for 30 years. Psychologically and Qur’anically the hereafter is kind of after 30 and beyond – because … I want you … to give me my right. Of course… You are more righteous than population generally because Allah guides you. PS: I think phedophilia may be right. For example Pedhopile Priests? I’ve seen muslims

Yoshua Elmaryono’s blog – 5 Constants

Modern explanation of five constant factors (art of war) [Less Wrong Premise]

May 15, 2018

Sun Tzu said: There are 5 constant factors that determine victory or defeat.

The first one is Moral Law, or in modern term: synergy. Synergy is when many people stop being too preoccupied with their own interest and start acting as a single super-organism which cooperatively tries to achieve mutual objective(s).

To achieve this synergy, we need good leaders, good followers, and good systems that push people to work cooperatively.

The second factor is Heaven, or things that change, or in meta-modern term: oscillation. A lot of things change beyond our control. A lot of things that change do so in a back-and-forth way, just like an oscillation. These changing things change the battlefield’s circumstances, which might change the probability of victory or defeat for the conflict belligerents.

In regard to Heaven, it’d be good if we know all of the possible contingencies and plan for each possibilities. Adaptability and agility are useful to switch from one plan to another.

The third factor is Earth. These are the things that are static and fixed. Of course, in the long run, some of these static things may change. But, in the short run, those things are still static. These are the battlefield.

Concerning the Earth, it’s time well spent to research about them because they don’t change much. Know the battlefield, know the mechanics.

The fourth factor is the Commander. In person, this is the figurehead. More generally, this is THE ideal archetype.

Find the ideal for your role and emulate it the best you can. If you’re a leader, be THE ideal leader. If you’re a follower, be THE best follower.

The last factor is Method and Discipline, or in modern term: the stock and flow of resources. Just like Heaven, Method and Discipline deals with things that change. Unlike the Heaven, Method and Discipline are things that fall inside our control. The things included here are:

  • the distribution of human resources based on their capabilities and preferences.
  • the management of infrastructures and institutions to acquire, maintain, and distribute economic resources such as money, technology, equipment, etc.

Regarding Method and Discipline, to assure your victory, study the best way to stock and flow resources in accordance to the Heaven and the Earth, and disrupt the enemy’s stock and flow of resources.


Public Sex 2

There is no enjoin good and forbid evil. In Shia branches this is (the same words)  – command what is known and  – forbid the unknown.

Thee Prophet said to not irritate your neighbour. Zina is not allowed in The House. What you are saying is unheard of (forbid unknown المنكر). Mut3a is Halal however. Sadly afaik there is disagreements about this. I know what Halal sex is (mut3a), not what Halal Zina is…