The Group and The Leader

I think Sunna and Aljamaa can be The Group. And you might be a False leader if The Group, i think you have an ugly voice everytime. You have Murder Attempted me with your Law and abuse of The Group. You can ask me. As Shuura. I am me. You are you. Allah is Allah. I’m Sufi Shia and you’ll respect The Fact Sunni misguided by False Imams (not all Imams) murder and imprison and impersonate and their Fine with being ugly. Ask.

Looks OK. Looks Sikh 🙂 Sikh are OK if They acknowledge and Submitt to Allah. Like my Sikh Friend (Amaan or Imaan?) a female said.

Svar til Yeshua Bin Miriam på YT

I was much better than you, but The Law (and you) Murder Attempted me – Now I want to Kill You aka Torture you and freshen you up… I will do it Physically.

و اصبر لحكم ربك حتى ياتيك اليقين

By modern Law or Ko-Budo

و بشر الذين امنوا و عملوا الصالحات و تواصوا بالحق و تواصوا بالصبر

Disrespekt av Meditasjon

For interested:

Royal Problem between me and a Certain Wanna-Be Companion … If you want my Company, please don’t step on me? It is OK to disrespect me. But when you step on me I’ll Break your Word and Balls if yoy ask in a good way, if I was i South or North Korea or anywhere. … They are witness on their selves – Qur’an … Even if you are a Police Officer Man or Woman etc…

My Lady

I’m like Buddha and like Allah. I am Pure. No One is like me. I sadly knew what POV is, inexperienced as Royal Guard i’m secretive don’t expose peoples crappy asses by undressing them by Force verbally or Physically (I can do both however, i refuse your challenge because you are unworthy) because God doesn’t allow that and I respect Him. He is The One holding The Bird (or Birds) in the sky together clasping his wings. …. Mmmmm …. Tigers love Bird Meat. In Heaven there is Bird Meat and what they desire. But i’m disgusted by crappy asses. Truth is I can not smell them, but I know it is very unlikely to match my Power and Intelligence … As a matter of Fact (Reality) I can summon WW3 and you will not «watch it on TV», you will be engaged, in combat to me My Lady. And we’ll do Things by Gods permission 🙂 … After I’ve disciplined you, given you are worthy. Inshallah good my Flower 🙂

Aql and Autism

Hmmmm…. I pity you … I’m Asperger (aka High Functioning Autism) because of Allah … Japanese understand Autists are sick. Aspergers with all Hardships and Patience upon non-Royals are considered merely equal … I’m Hurt 😐 I can’t consentrate about what say, because Teacher started off wrong quickly again and again now.