High and Low

From the left of this picture above, part one is called, by my/mystic terms: Low Heavenly. Next: High Heaven. Both these two are upright, they are heavenly.

Next: High Earthly (a fancy word is High Telluric). This guy is quick and applies, in a way, hit-and-run.

Next: Low Earthly. This one is strong but heavy, in open terrain he is victim for the afore-mentioned.

High and Low Earth rotates, making it possible for food to grow. Turning the earth by a plow. And earth rotates between night and day. Like the next picture which reminds me of Taijitu.

Thanos og Thanatos

Vi som mennesker balanserer på et sverdegg, vi er skjøre. Vi balanserer mellom liv og død. Allah er livs og dødsguden, ikke bare døds Thanatos Guden.

Jeg har mellom liv og død valgt død og destruksjon. Som jeg sa til politiet; Kjappt og enkelt. Effektivt. Fryktløst og destruktivt. I en verden der alle er positivister/kjærlighet, uavhengig av hvor på The Scale of Consciousness vi er, blir skogen gammel og grå og de unge (plantene) får ikke sollys. Skogen dør.

Det trengs en skogbrann i ny og ne, som Allah sier: “Hvordan vil dere berge dere, hvis dere fortsetter å vise vantro, fra den dag (den dags pine) som vil gjøre barn til gråhårede oldinger,”

Så mellom 2009 og 2019 lagde jeg skyggekloner og brukte min skygge til å paralysere de gamle visemenn som er svin, inntil som Kris her mista respekt for autoriteter (på en bra måte), som mange mennesker og skogen vokste på nytt med en frisk start som indigo og krystall barna.

Allah om de gamle som er svin: Når det blir sagt til dem: «Ikke spre ufred i landet!», sier de: «Det er jo vi som forbedrer.» Ta dere i akt! Sannelig, det er de som sprer ufred, men de har ingen følelse (av det) i det hele tatt. Og når det blir sagt til dem: «Tro, slik som (andre) folk har antatt troen!», sier de: «Skal vi også tro (slik) som de idiotene har antatt troen?» Vit! I sannhet, de er selv idiotene, men de aner det ikke (om sin idioti og nedrighet).

Så Allah lager ikke en kontrakt med dere mennesker, ikke med meg engang og han sier jeg ikke skal gi (et måltid) og kreve mer tilbake. Jeg vil ikke ha penger for å “slippe helsevesenet fri”, men jeg har det vondt, jeg vil ha mat.

Additive and Subtractive

The world is additive or substractive. Additive from the bottom. The bottom is dark. We add up, or it’s added up and we reach more additive primary colors – until we’re so high up we’re flying pigs.

In additive colours RGB, red is mammal/homo sapiens (blood), Green are plants, Blue is Heaven. Which rises up and you get yellow then, which is Sun, which is “high sunny places”.

Grounding kindness

I’ve met a girl whom is Yarsan -another version of Islam and they are in her words anti muslim.

She says she has been decieved before many times, and her wisdom is limited to handle this. To me she seems afraid yet in need of basic things, but is met with ‘superiority’ by life. And this leads her to all dark things.

My friends say she is a Fraud, but i think she is captured by darkness, or captive by darkness.

I want to help her given she is real, it is beyond my honor to not help someone who needs it if i can help – because i’m afraid. By Grounding yourself or rooting yourself you can reach connections with the world like police or psychiatry, and help people in darkness. It is a useful term, Grounding or Rooting.

It is darkness – it is hell to ignore or not give grounded chances. By grounding yourself you ensure to fight for the light, yet guarding yourself. Because you’re grounded.

Urgent News!!

A terrorist in Norway sues the Norwegian health department. According to him, they are weak and have initiated numerous offenses against him and violated Iraq’s sovereginity.


In 2009 i promised the police i would create a “defensive weapon”. I was Hard Sience person who’d execute a “frontal sacrifice technique” with Soft Science as my victim – uppon resisting, only resisting. I see myself as a “child of the government” together with the other six trigrammes (ancient Chinese wisdom) + the two trigrammes Heaven and Earth (the government approximately). Now 10 years has passed and i’ve cajoled them with my “measurable” Hard Science, where they cannot measure precisely. I was ‘Hard’ like hard metal but now i’m ‘Broken’ as if i’ve been exposed to cold, which is also according to the plan. But i’m reborn as i’ve survived death, with vengance/justice in mind.

Cold Heaven and Hot Earth

I think like the letter A in arabic, which looks like this:ا . You can have an upper and lower diacritic, like this: اَ or اِ . The first is called fattha (فتحة) and the second is called broken (كسرة). Which philosophically speaking means existensialism and is an Opening or Prospecting in backgammon, like a stallion. And essensialism which is Broken, like also a broken horse.

This is repeated in Martial Arts where my wrestling sparring partner playfully he and I demonstrated what we would respond with for a choke-hold. He would respond with, “wrestily” striking from above down onto the opponents arm, and taking control. I showed him how i would strike down up releasing the arms and pushing/punching away.

So over is externally cold and Extroverted. And down is externally hot, until he becomes a madman or retreats after extraverting his J closure to Prospecting in the external world.


Hello. I’m an Asperger at least diagnosed Asperger – before the diagnosis got removed in EU.

I’m a muslim and into War/Fighting. And i’m an autodidact, i like to study.

I like especially psychology, spesifically the overwhelming MBTI.

Ask me anything (the diagnosis is probably outdated, not officially)!