Loneliness perspective

Angels are Stronger, Better and more intelligent than than Jinn (Lucifer is Jinn), and definetly Adam/Human. Only Angels have no free will. As in Physics, as light which exists in motion, so does Angels and The Police live by being doers. Thei’re motionists or Athletes. Angels and Lucifer were commanded to Bow to Adam, Angels complied but Lucifer rejected (he had free will unlike Angels) and he is Promised The Consequences of this disobedience.

I remember a quote from The Last Samurai which said: “The Way of The Samurai which means servant/officer has great appeal”. The Standard Law-abiding people killed The Samurai, however finally Bowed to them (after their death).

Allah is known as “The Irresistable”. Islam, Religion generally in Arabic means Law. Everything is within The Law within Pure Intention, except Jinn as Lucifer and “good Lucifers” too.

In Christianity i’ve heard Lucifer is an Angel too. However this is not so in Islam. I mean you can think i’m a Police Officer, but this is wishful thinking. I’m here good or bad which Allah knows, to create confusion as a War Horse in Battle, or chess.

So medicine don’t work on me (They say Aspies and Elite Soldiers are immune to caffeine, and certain extent other drugs), and The Proverb prevention is better than medication don’t work on Jinn, because the outcome will remain a secret between Allah and The Jinnie. And it’s either Allah or The Jinne. A Muslim told me: “He whom Bows once to Lucifer has 1000 years in hell for that”. It is also not allowed to Bow to Angels, we Bow only to Allah.

That being said, we might never know if an Angel is a Jinnie, or a Jinnie is an Angels … like, Angels “infect” Jinnies with magical abilities. So now i’m approximately Batman. My friends think i’m Bad-man. Police Offers think i’m Bar-man.

Frosken og Fluen

يقول: يا ايها المحاربون! جهزو فطوركم و كلوا بشهوة و استمتعوا بالاكل. لان الليلة سنتعشى في جهنم!

Er det USA som er spartanerene eller Irakerene? Er det frosken eller padden som venter på fluen, eller fluen (flaggermusen) som venter på frosken – årvåkent?

Det var en gang en flue (en Iraker) som landet på søppeldynga på en ølflaske som var nesten tom. Den slikket restene og ble full. Da fløy den flua (flaggermusen) tilbake til kameratene sine de andre fluene – USA og Israel – og sa men den vaklet i lufta: “Pass dere! Pass dere! Her kommer Ørnen!”.

Mulans Songs

We must be swift as a coursing river. With all the Force of a great Typhon. With all the Rage of a burning Fire. Mysterious as The Darkside of The Moon.

Loyal, Brave, True

Don Juan The Lover

In Gods Name The Beneficient The Merciful
I’m (was and will be i predict) a Good/Skilled Human Being, an Artist. A Peaceful Warrior. My profession is War and my product is Peace. Do you not Believe in God and The Devil? You Believe in Humanity and shun from War and all it’s affilements? Then you Believe in me. And I’m not Allah, and not a Prophet and definetly not sick or criminal – I worship Allah because I Love him, and he helps me in all aspects of life and I need him. We all need him, he is The Rich and We are The Poor – to him. I’m helpless, and invalid unless Allah shows me Mercy or grants me Victory over disbelievers. And it’s so easy! There are three scenarioes to our situation: 1. Allah Decimates me 2. Allah shows me Mercy and takes my soul 3. Allah grants me Victory over disbelievers and HUmiliates them.
But if I get victorious and how easy is that, what will happen to Humanity? Is Humanity and all Life Forms is The Universe meant to be eradicated eventually, after Trillions upon Trillions of Years? Will I and my fellow “parasites” vanish into nothing? And leave nothing behind? …. This is so sad. I Love you guys, and don’t want to lose you. But don’t get me wrong, you are still Parasites and Flees as a figure in Zen said Once and I would like to kill you because I don’t respect you, however I Love you! I’m God knows better – disobeying him by not killing you. According to Humanity I’m not an Angel, well possibly, but even if I was, I’m supposed to Bow to Adam and Adam was Muslim, let’s say it’s resurrected Jesus and Imam Mehdi, but why should I Bow to you!? Why should Mighty Chozen Bow to you? So Imam Ali says: “You are either with us, or against us. Choose.” And I’m appearently being forced upon compulsory treatment to Chose to Fight Imam Ali, my Leader. I’m Forced to dis-believe. I’m like a Camel, Big and Gentle. And I did tell this to The Police and said: “I’m like 100m laser, a pice of Paper can stop me, and violent methods are irresonable”. https://www.quran.com/91 So I will, in Allahs Name, as also Kreg Visselman wishes – forgive you. But am I disobeying Allah? I might be. But I don’t see that now. I’m blinded by Love, by Crap, like When The Hacker Filmed me naked and says he published The Video of this to destroy my reputation and Purity. But a Believer don’t want Reputation.
Upon The Death of Prophet Muhammed’s son, Qasim, and he has been destinied to not recieve sons – and I wish The Prophet was my father but I’m just a horsedung – he wept and said: “The Heart gets sad, and Eyes get Wet, but we say Nothing but what Allah likes and it pleases him”.

A Tulku as in Tibetan Buddhism is not a as Tor Erik said to me, joking or something: “En Tulku kalles for tullkukk”. And I disagree with Kreg on my Role, I’m a Bodhisattva (whatever that is). I have no Paradise to offer, just The Absence of Hell. For Paradise go to Allah. The slaves are MINE, like The Mother of Dragons in Game of Thrones – and I guess I’m strolling and setting free Slaves. I’m a Mulan Krekar. And he’s made a good Video Here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGcHorUwdloI think Mullah Krekar is “agressive” and unlike me Choses to obey his misconseptions of what Allah Wants. He is Sunni. I’m Shia. I don’t know so much about Sunni Islam, but he’s playing with you with his food, possibly me too – that’s only you who can decide to Trust me or not – but I stick to Intuitively to The Qur’an and not “religious books” and says what Allah says: “He (Allah) is worthy to be Feared, and worthy to Forgive”.
My mother adviced me upon question to her: “Lift your case from The Judge of The Earth, and let The Judge of Heaven do his Job – Do not think, for it has someone who proportions its affairs”. My Zen Teacher said: “Leave Science and Philosophy to Scientists and Philosophers”. Sufi Steven said: “A Believer uses The Sword of Truth on Himself” … So if I chose to kill me self (I don’t mean suicide), The Sky will Cry. The Prophet Muhammed says: “Die before you die”.
And Thank Allah The Lord of The Worlds

Thanatos and Thanos

Thanatos and Eros – Give me 72 Virgins! Human Sacrifices! Or, Steal The Tigers Food, Steal his Soul and Life, and kill Him after taking away the natural ecosystems balanse. And Live in Eternal Shame and Disgrace – Lowering your gaze, as Believers (and Incels) does, becoming what you Feared. In pain upon pain. In darkness upon darkness. I am: “Inevitable”.

A Good Death

Don’t blow yourself up, hang yourself.

Movie: The Last Samurai:
Katsumoto; I will die by my sword … or my enemies. Captain Algren; Then let it be your enemies.

Og: Katsumoto; It was a good Death fra 1:50