Urgent News!!

A terrorist in Norway sues the Norwegian health department. According to him, they are weak and have initiated numerous offenses against him and violated Iraq’s sovereginity.


In 2009 i promised the police i would create a “defensive weapon”. I was Hard Sience person who’d execute a “frontal sacrifice technique” with Soft Science as my victim – uppon resisting, only resisting. I see myself as a “child of the government” together with the other six trigrammes (ancient Chinese wisdom) + the two trigrammes Heaven and Earth (the government approximately). Now 10 years has passed and i’ve cajoled them with my “measurable” Hard Science, where they cannot measure precisely. I was ‘Hard’ like hard metal but now i’m ‘Broken’ as if i’ve been exposed to cold, which is also according to the plan. But i’m reborn as i’ve survived death, with vengance/justice in mind.


Hello. I’m an Asperger at least diagnosed Asperger – before the diagnosis got removed in EU.

I’m a muslim and into War/Fighting. And i’m an autodidact, i like to study.

I like especially psychology, spesifically the overwhelming MBTI.

Ask me anything (the diagnosis is probably outdated, not officially)!